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Anglers mail article

Rob Paylor

Senior Member
And as for chub! I've not caught so many for years. All as the light begins to fade and into darkness. I don't know if they feed all night as I always pack up at 11 pm.
Ian, yes to the chub 🤪 fished the Trent for a couple of nights in June and I could not keep a rod in the water for the cheeky buggers! Was surreal unhooking 5lb chub after 5lb chub in the edge! I said at the time, didn't care if I don't catch another all season, thankfully I've not had that many since but the Yorkshire Derwent can be hard work avoiding them 😣

Lawrence Breakspear

Senior Member
Is night fishing that productive, OK I get an hour or so into dark, but night fishing beyond that is as far as I know a pretty pointless exercise. There is a club that allows night fish on the Severn, I used to be a member, but I cannot recall anyone pitching up all night there, up to midnight perhaps, but that was it. If you want to know the Club, message me.
Join the Barbel Society and join the Pixham syndicate....24/7 fishing is allowed

Gavin Hoe-Richardson

Senior Member
Fish respond to angling pressure. I'm in a small syndicate on a traditionally tough river. When I joined a decade or so ago about 10% of the membership were barbel anglers and I regularly caught in daylight. The same syndicate now is around 90% barbel anglers and I now catch most of my fish around midnight. I've tried different methods and tried different rarely fished pegs to no avail. Times have changed.

Terry Simner

Senior Member
How much is that Lol.?
Whenever I have been opposite see very few anglers which appeals. Might take up next season. Or is there a half season option?
Sure you could join now Gra, there's Pixham tickets still going I reckon. Lower usually doesn't kick off til October anyways.

Alex Gowney

Senior Member
In my own personal experience I would say that barbel are the only fish that I consider to be more catchable at night. I've never found it much good at all for tench, ok for carp and about the same as daylight fishing for chub. That said, I much prefer to night fish for barbel in the summer, as the river bank at night is such a great place to be.