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Advice on a new rucksack and rod holdall


I am looking for new rucksack and rod holdall/quiver for the upcoming season.

I had just used a cheap shoulder style bag, and just carried the rest of my kit. However, I fractured my wrist a few months back, so I need to figure out a new way to carry all of my gear. I will be fishing some different stretches of the Severn this year, some that are a bit of a walk, so I want to get sorted out before the season starts.

I am not going to be taking the kitchen sink with me, so I wont need a huge bag. I will be fishing with 1 or 2 rods depending on location.

I have had a look around, lots of people seem to favour the Korum range, particularly the ruckbag as you can attach a chair to the back of it. But, I was unsure if only a Korum chair would match with it?

So, if anyone has any advice or opinions for a lightweight, decent quality rucksack and holdall/quiver then that would be very helpful.

I have a Korum Roving Rucksack (?discontinued) which is fine for me as I don't carry a lot. I recently bought a Drennan Specialist double rod sleeve which I am impressed with. I would find a shop that sells both ranges and make a choice once you have handled them both. One does wonder if a lot of this stuff comes out of the same factory with alternative badging?
I've been using the ruckbag (not the XL) for a few years, and the plastic clips still hold the chair adequately. Haven't tried the net holders and didn't even know they existed until now. Very good, rugged, but of kit. I don't think chairs other than Korum will fit.

Mark Anderson

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Hi men ,

Same as you Richard , used them since they come out as a carp barrow type bag , and a roving barbel rucksack . Funny you mention the chair , because two of my other chairs do in fact clip on ok , great bit of kit that has stood the test of time and Hatter .

I have the Koram roving luggage and it’s still going strong after 10 years.

If I replaced it I would probably go foe the new Drennan specialist range....why? I prefer the colour :):):)
I purchased a tactical back pack last year, probably the best Angling thing I’ve done, switch from an over the shoulder bag to a back pack. I’ve also got a little bum bag thing I use for spinning, brilliant. Neither cost more than a tenner.
I would avoid any luggage with loads of zip fastenings , they always go pete tong in the end . If you can find one the old Drennan rucksacks were brilliant , tough as old boots , unfortunately now no longer available .* There are two 2nd hand ones now on E bay both the smaller 30 litre models , they look in good shape .
When roving I use a tactical bumbag-type belt with two ammo pouches for bait, and carry the chair with a shoulder strap I bought on 'the bay of e' quite a few moons ago. With a rod and net; ready to go. The afore-mentioned Korum ruckbag is really only for overnight stays.
For general fishing and barbel fishing the likes of the Trent and Dove:

Korum XL Ruckbag
Korum super lite chair attached to the ruckbag.
Korum 3 rod quiver

This covers me for most of the fishing I do, nice and light and easy. Everything is on my back, quiver in one hand and one hand free. I can carry everything I need in the ruckbag including all tackle, bait and groundbait. My folding spoon landing net tied to the back of ruckbag. In the quiver I have two made up barbel rods, landing net handle and banksticks. When I need to I can carry an umbrella in the quiver although I prefer not to as its extra weight and I carry a poncho for if I get caught in the rain.

I'm not a korum fanboy (although I probably look like one walking down the bank) but this luggage combination is perfect for me and there are lots of them on ebay for pretty cheap which is where I got all mine.
Has anyone tried the Gardner Roving Sling? My Korum two rod sling is on its last legs (the base is going through). The Aqua quiver looks good, if a little pricey.