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3 16lbers in one sitting.

Discussion in 'Barbel Talk' started by Nigel Bryans, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Nigel Bryans

    Nigel Bryans Senior Member

    Had an amazing short 2hr session after work this evening.Arrived at the river to find it just within its banks.Found a nice slack area and dropped a lump of meat in it.Ten minutes later,wollop,fish on.It went 16lb on the scales.Very happy bunny.There was still some daylight left so had another go in the same swim.Half an hour later,wollop.Another one in the net.This one went 16lb 8oz.Thought i was dreaming.And get this it happened again.Another 16lb 8oz barbel.
    Has this happened to anyone else.And is there some kind of record this.
    Thanks.A very happy Angler.
  2. John Newman

    John Newman Senior Member

    On the Nene? or further afield?

    Meant to say, heartiest congratulations.

    This must be an all time record for a trio of specimens of any species not just barbel.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2012
  3. Anthony Pearson

    Anthony Pearson Senior Member

    This may be a first Nigel: an incredible session. It's the stuff of dreams (for everyone else!) and I hope you have some photographs for us to salivate over. Well done!
  4. Ian Grant

    Ian Grant Senior Member

    :eek: Absolutley incredible Nigel, you had an angel on your shoulder tonight !
    I believe it may be a record well done mate many many congratulations, have you pinched yourself - just to make sure you understand LOL ! :D

  5. Mike Daniel

    Mike Daniel Senior Member

    Incredible - well done! Definitely a different fish and not just stuffed full of spam? :)
  6. John Cook

    John Cook Senior Member

    My word Nigel well done to you..You certainly found the grouped together in that slack...
  7. Eddie Farrell

    Eddie Farrell Senior Member

    well done nigel, chances of that happening must be a million to 1, a red letter day indeed
  8. Keith Humphreys

    Keith Humphreys Senior Member

    That is a truly amazing brace Nigel, claim your Drennan Cup and Pallatrax prizes quick;)
  9. Mark P Smith

    Mark P Smith Senior Member

    truly amazing catch for you and the river, i believe its worthy of the drennen cup as to catch 3 16lb`ers from the same swim on that river is surly a once in a lifetime catch, get the photos in to angling times mate a weekly winner is £80 but i honestly believe you can win the £2,000 first prize and cup at the end of the season, £2,000 !!!!!!!!!!.
  10. David Slater

    David Slater Senior Member

    Great result mate well done.
  11. Well done Nigel....a truly unbelievable session.

  12. Jon Frisby

    Jon Frisby Senior Member

    An outrageous session, well done.
  13. Neil Smart

    Neil Smart Senior Member

    Three fish of a lifetime in TWO HOURS, amazing truly amazing.
  14. Paul Monaghan

    Paul Monaghan Senior Member

    Ditto the above. Well done that man.
    That's why we go fishing. You just never know what will happen.
  15. Mike Hodgkiss

    Mike Hodgkiss Senior Member

    That's some slack you were fishing there , well done :D
  16. Andy Frances

    Andy Frances Administrator

    That is incredible Nigel!!! Very well done indeed. Cracking photo too:


    I hope you bought a lottery ticket on the way home...

    Andy F
  17. Richard Parsons

    Richard Parsons Senior Member

    A superb trio, Nigel. Fabulous-looking fish and just......wow!! :)
  18. Graham Hunt

    Graham Hunt Senior Member

    Brilliant session and a great photo. Magic, very well done!
  19. Rhys Perry

    Rhys Perry Senior Member

    Amazing! Well done
  20. Ash Gould

    Ash Gould Senior Member


    Nigel you are 'Legen...wait for it........dery!'