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2 rod sleeve offering full rod protection?

Richard Barnatt

Active Member
I recently purchase a Mosella Kompact system, the sleeves are well made and more than long enough for 12' rod sections (many are a tight fit)
I also have a Greys Prodigy 2 rod sleeve, this has bags of room for your reels, pockets on the outside, quite tight in length for 12' rods, but better than most, but not hard shell like the Mosella.

Richard Isaacs

Senior Member
I agree Dave they are a very innovative company. The original ruck bag was just a revolution and nothing I’ve seen or used can Remotely touch it for mobile fishing imo.

I don’t think they’ve got the mobile chair right just yet. Others are much better and some of their creations like the quick net adapter thing are just a complete train wreck for anyone expecting to net anything bigger than roach or skimmers.

I think the spoon nets used to be really good and so strong and then they added the rubber coated mesh which made them better but then they took that metal spreader and 10mm round frame and changed it with a plastic spreader and made the frame ovel with thinner walls. WTF...,,
Should of left those spoons as they were imo.
Total protection quivers I recently got mine and absolutely love it. I first thought I’d struggle with it being so compact but it’s like Mary poppins bag and seems to swallow everything with ease. Could not believe I could get my huge chub brolley/shelter in its bag in the side pocket. To look at the two items you’d just assume the maths doesn’t work but actually it does.
I’m now fully converted to the bolt n run rigs as that is just the nicest system I’ve used for safe bolt rig use.
I very much like most of their stuff but I’m sure I could re design one or two bits they do to be better.
Absolutely love the fast Mat. Genius device. It simply wants to be 4 inches longer to be a perfect barbel tool. An almost 14lb, quite long fish I caught recently was slightly longer than the Mat. No big deal and can’t harm the Fish but another 100mm would of taken it from excellent to perfect.
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Rob Paylor

Might have a closer look at the Korum, hard shell appeals to a clumsy git such as I 😅

That Korum net quick adapter thing, as you say, great idea but a 13lb ouse barbel did its best to destroy the one I was using lol
Hi Rob,

I'm in the market for a light 2 rod 'hard' case for transporting/carrying two made up 12' rods. I was in Ringwood tackle today and had a good hands on look at the new Drennan product (see link below) it appears very high quality....but at a price.

I've a new unused, still boxed, one of those for sale if anyone is interested. £39 posted.

Paul Verity

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I find the drennan a bit too tight on space. When fully loaded with brolly and landing net handle I find it fighting against one another putting the odd rod ring under strain.

Gerry Giles

Senior Member
ANOTHER vote for the Korum total protection 2 rod.

I love the peace of mind I get knowing my investment is well protected against everything OK yes make take a few extra mins getting the rods in and out but so what ???
small price to pay for total protection