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  1. Stuart Brookes

    Southern Water Fined

    A toothless fine against a breach of trust more than anything else. Too many of our utilities companies are owned by foreign owners, which would not be permitted in other European countries, who are only interested in maximising profit. The fines are not sufficient to stop them from carrying out...
  2. Stuart Brookes

    Garlic Spam "Spamalot"

    The Rolpek Garlic Sausage is very strong and at a decent price. Still have some Spamalot but save it for extra special floods on the Swale.
  3. Stuart Brookes

    Shocking murder of a bloke trying to catch a few barbel

    Absolutely horrendous, three proper looking scrotes
  4. Stuart Brookes

    Aldi bib n brace

    Unfortunately they don't do the bib and brace in a size suitable for the full bodied angler such as myself
  5. Stuart Brookes

    Have you ever forgotten ..........

    Forgot my wellies when I went fishing one snowy January night after work. Managed with a pair of trainers
  6. Stuart Brookes

    Advice on a new rucksack and rod holdall

    I have the discontinued Korum roaming rucksack. Quiver wise I would go for the Drennan Specialist two rod holdall, I was looking at my mates and it is a great piece of kit.
  7. Stuart Brookes

    Barbel days and ways DVDs - full set ***SOLD***

    How much without recorded delivery Darren, could meet you somewhere?
  8. Stuart Brookes

    Elliptical Pellets

    I've tried the Flatz, they do break down quickly and are rather small. I think they would be better in a larger size. The bream on the Tees certainly like them and stuck to Elips on other rivers as they last longer on the hair.
  9. Stuart Brookes


    Mk2 Korum tripod gets good reviews for easy of use and ability to use when fishing a few pegs. I have a Prologic Sky Pod but that is used for the Trent when I am bivvying up for a few days.
  10. Stuart Brookes

    Wanted - Lone angler net handle

    Not squaddie proof then?:p
  11. Stuart Brookes

    Spam alert !

    I can confirm the Hot & Spicy spam is very popular with staffie's. While fishing the Trent with my mate his furry friend pilfered a nearly full tin out of my bait box, that will have been fun in their bivvy later
  12. Stuart Brookes

    Spam alert !

    It is belting garlic meat and had a few fish on it
  13. Stuart Brookes

    June 16 and why I am upset

    If these people were fishing on club waters then it is down to the club rules if they are allowed to take fish in accordance with the EA rules, doubt there are many clubs who allow it. If the weren't members then they are breaking the law under Section 2 of the Theft Act 1969 and the bailiff...
  14. Stuart Brookes

    Recommended equipment

    I bought an Advanta twin tip,2.25/2.75lb tc, for the Trent for £36 in a sale from Angling Direct. Normally about £70. Great rod for the price and my mate is very impressed, obviously not going to match a custom made but good for the job and cheap as chips
  15. Stuart Brookes

    Catch Cult 6 - Subs for 7-8-9 - CC Big Night Out

    I received #6 yesterday and although I have only read the article by my mate, James Hinley, the other articles look very interesting. Very impressed with the quality of the magazine and nice to see a publication by anglers for and anglers without pushing the latest products.