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    Are you a Backwinder or a Drag-artist?

    Drag every time - set it before the first cast to give line just before the rod breaks and check again if adjustments made while playing a fish. I do regularly apply WD40 to my reels to ensure everything remains nice and smooth.
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    Thanks for this Gerry, downloading as I type......
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    Anyone using milks this winter?

    Thanks Stephen - I probably should have added "at the time", it absolutely took waters apart being very different to anything else being used (on the waters I fished at least). My fishing buddies and I went on to produce our own bait using fishmeals, milk protein and some bird food - it...
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    Anyone using milks this winter?

    Those were the days! Buying sacks of base mix from Geoff Bower's boot in the car park of The Chequers on a Sunday afternoon....... And what a bait it was!
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    Ads ruining the BFW experience.

    Likewise - well put, Steve
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    Catch Cult 13 has gone to print!

    Got mine yesterday, top class as ever - thanks Martin
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    Eric's angling

    Please don't think that this post is having a pop at anyone on here, that is definitely not my intention. It's all very well bemoaning when your local tackle shops closes down / goes bust / becomes an Angling Direct, but it can be difficult supporting such shops if they don't help themselves...
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    Catch Cult website is Live!

    Hi Martin, Have just subscribed. Good luck, Steve
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    HEADLAMPS the ultimate !

    Thanks for the heads up - I have been after a new head torch and this has saved me ploughing through old threads!
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    Type of rig you use?

    Thanks Derek and Peter - I will get some and have a play with them - thank you
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    Type of rig you use?

    Hi Peter, I'm intrigued by the pulley bead - must confess I had never even heard of one. Do you use it for its anti-tangle properties? Steve
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    Are any small river barbel populations thriving?

    Do I think the otter is the sole reason for the decline of barbel on so many of the rivers I fish / used to fish? No. Do I think the otter is a major contributory factor to the decline? Yes. Do I think that the legislation protecting otters should be repealed? Too ******* right I do!
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    Naming stretches.

    I have always assumed that named stretches are just a blind to throw people off the trail of the real venue!! Guess that says more about what a sneaky sod I am than anything else. Personally I wouldn't dream of even hinting at a stretch on an open forum.
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    Worth A Watch

    Really enjoyed that, thanks for sharing Mark
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    Whats best recent bit of tackle you have bought ?

    Fair enough, thanks Jon