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    Split peg leger stops

    Do you mean the old Drennan green ones? I think they still make them. I tend to use the Enterprise Adjuster stops (bit expensive and fiddly to set up but do a decent job), although I have been using Guru Super tight stops this winter. Unlike a lot of float stop style bits they don't move easily...
  2. Simon Burt

    [SOLVED] A request from technical help - PHP

    Donation made. Seems good value for a site I look at everyday and gives me something to think about on the many days where I can’t hit the river.
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    Happy New Year Roach people! I had my first trip of 2022 this afternoon and despite getting caught in a horizontal downpour I was very happy. Fishing the far bank, slightly upstream, for most of the session was quite tricky with the wind but worth it. First one I’ve bothered weighing this...
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    My set arrived this morning. Many thanks Andy. They look a serious bit of kit. Hoping to use one to guide some bread towards a roach next weekend.
  6. Simon Burt

    Whats your PB?

    14lb from a very flooded BA on the 'Island' in my first season after them; third ever barbel! A long time ago now and sadly they are very few and far between in the BA. I still remember how excited I was to catch such a huge fish on half a tin of spam!
  7. Simon Burt

    Advice on a medium feeder, winklepicker, light Avon type rod. Rivers.

    I would love to have been fishing the BA when the big fish shoals were intact around Malmsbury. A use a variety of rods for my winter roach and chub fishing: a Fox specialist 0.75 (or is it 0.5lb tc - never really sure); Drennan Im8 bomb rod when I can get away with it and I have a Daiwa power...
  8. Simon Burt

    The 'slap" of a big fat feeder.

    You were right first time with 'effect' :) I only regularly use a feeder when I am fishing the Wye as I do worry about the splash on a small river like The BA or the Somerset Frome. However this year I have tried a small cage feeder with some groundbait and a few hook bait samples locally and...
  9. Simon Burt

    Photos of river scenes

    Thank you Bill!
  10. Simon Burt

    Photos of river scenes

    We are on honeymoon on the banks of the Spey. It’s unbelievably beautiful. Very happy just looking at the peaty water as it slides by.
  11. Simon Burt

    One rod

    Fox duo-lite extra 11ft 1.75lb. Had it for years and it suits me well.
  12. Simon Burt

    Safe on the bank?

    I occasionally will fish into dark on a particular town centre stretch (it’s fairly affluent and apart from the rats I think the fish is low!) but mostly if I’m out in the dark it is in pretty remote countryside areas. I don’t feel especially at risk but there are some urban areas that I...
  13. Simon Burt

    What are your targets for the new season?

    I’ve hit one of my targets for the season! First barbel of the year and from the Somerset Frome. Good to know there is at least one there. New target is to get another one and of course a 2lb roach would be nice. I’ll keep dreaming.
  14. Simon Burt

    What are your targets for the new season?

    Pretty much as usual for me: find/catch a Bristol Avon barbel; ditto Somerset Frome and try to edge my roach pb up an ounce or two! I might get a day or two on the Wye as well for the annual check that my rods still bend like they should. I hope every one enjoys their fishing.
  15. Simon Burt

    Whats this i see in the bristol avon 😁

    I have some doubts about how beavers will fit our manipulated environment and how the environment will fit them. This blog seems very positive https://beavertrust.org/index.php/2021/03/10/river-river-wild-swimming-in-the-avon/ I will look out for some opposing views to add.