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  1. Mike Thompson

    PVA mesh

    PVA products for me too. Just ordered off ebay and got 3 x 8mtr. refills for the price of 2, for only £7.98. That's about 33p per metre.
  2. Mike Thompson

    Trakker bivvy broken parts HELP

    Paul, I presume the tube is aluminium. Find a local fabrication business, most will have someone who can weld aluminium.
  3. Mike Thompson

    in the market for a new shelter ?

    Paul, Are you talking about the small piece of wire which is twisted to lock the spokes and boss in place. If so I used the wire you get at garden centres for fixing to a fence. It is easy to twist, available in different gauges and comes plastic coated. Worked fine when I repaired my brolly.
  4. Mike Thompson

    Spam watch

    Mmmmmmm! Tasty.
  5. Mike Thompson

    Smelly baits

    Hi all, With all the rivers very high the first few days of the season are going to be a bit of a challenge. I guess we are all thinking of using large smelly baits. I know most will have Spam or similar in several flavours, but I was wondering what else you are thinking of trying. For me, I...
  6. Mike Thompson

    Sad News

    Very sad news, Kev was very helpful when I came down to fish last year, our thoughts are with him.
  7. Mike Thompson

    Hirisi or similar chinese reels

    Neil, I hear what you are saying, but the truth is a lot of the gear in your tackle box is almost certainly Chinese made but labelled with a UK company and marked up 200 or 300% so you think you are buying better quality. Have a look on the Hirisi web site at their accessories, I am confident...
  8. Mike Thompson

    Hirisi or similar chinese reels

    Hi guys, Just an update on this thread. I ordered the two reels on June 2nd from China. They arrived today 16th, very well packed and protected. They look very impressive with a metal body and chrome handle and they feel very smooth in action. I will spool up and test them next week and give you...
  9. Mike Thompson

    Hirisi or similar chinese reels

    Hi Ray, I intend using them for float or feeder fishing for crucians and tench. So will be using 4 and 6lb main line. So I have ordered the Hirisi 4000 based on the line capacity stated. Also I wanted a baitrunner facility. They are due to arrive at the end of the month and I will report then...
  10. Mike Thompson

    Hirisi or similar chinese reels

    To be honest I am not sure what these reels will be like, but at under £30 for a pair it is worth a go. A service for a second hand shimano would cost me much more than that.
  11. Mike Thompson

    Hirisi or similar chinese reels

    Joe, I have some shimano gte 5000c which I purchased off this site, they were in super cosmetic order but the clutches were far from smooth. Felindre serviced them and they are now very good. I also had a pair of 8000 Gtea's which were wonderful. But lots of people comment that new shimanos are...
  12. Mike Thompson

    Hirisi or similar chinese reels

    I know the ethical argument, but I very much doubt it would stand looking at with anything we buy today. I worked for over 30 years for a Danish company who made very high quality products. When I first joined them, 100% of the items were made in the Danish factory, even cables, switches and...
  13. Mike Thompson


    I use Plasticote which is available in almost any colour you can think of. I have some items which are permanently outside and still look great after a couple of years. So it should be fine for a reel.
  14. Mike Thompson

    Hirisi or similar chinese reels

    Hi, I know last year several members ordered low priced reels from China. I am looking for a pair of small baitrunners for chub and tench fishing with 1.25lb test rods. I am only planning to use these a few times each year, so am not wanting to spend to much. If you purchased similar reels can...
  15. Mike Thompson

    Spam watch

    Bob, why not offer them to Tate Modern, they are a real work of art ! Mike