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Recent content by Martin James

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    A Barbel angler is born !

    A great result young man, well done to you both
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    Veals of Bristol RIP

    Sad news, I have always said if you don't use your local shops, you will lose them, I have only used mail order about 6 times but it seems every man and his dog buy online.
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    Sad news - Len Arbery

    Rest in Peace Len, I’m still using the Mitchell 300’s you fitted with roller bale arms back in 1968. You were always very popular with my radio listeners whenever you were being interviewed. I will certainly miss you. Martin James MBE
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    Angling Trust

    Well said Graham its all about money, that's why the close season was done away with on still waters. Peoples lives before angling which it only a pastime. Stay safe stay apart.
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    Worms for bait

    I would feel lost without 50 plus lobs on my trips to both still waters and rivers I have found all fish will at times take a well presented lob, but one must also use watercraft, if you spook the fish you want catch them, also chub will fade away ghost like, so you want know you have spooked...
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    Close season plans

    Well said Neil and Craig, the waters will still be there when we get back, even if its 12 months time so be it.
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    Sad times just makes us think

    Gerry well said and so true,I cult my next door neighbour's lawns yesterday as he works for the NHS often not coming home for a few days, let all do what we can to help each other?
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    Close season plans

    Anglers should only drive to work if needed or to buy food items,. I'm disgusted at the approach of the Wye and Usk , remember if you have an accident on your way to fishing you might well need the NHS, do as we are told stay at home fishing at these times isn't important, my fishery is locked...
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    Fixed spool reels for float fishing

    Certate 2500 for lines up to 4 lbs, I also use the model 3000 for lines up to 10 lb
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    Channel 4 news

    I have been protesting against the storm over flow pipes since the late 1960’s, still battering my head against all the idiots involved in this disgrace, from politicians both locally and nationally, water companies, sewage works building contractors they are all complicit in this disgrace, more...
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    Boil in the bag meals for me every time, followed by an apple, same at tea time if I am having a very late session, fresh brewed tea every couple of hours.
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    Gloves for fishing

    Colin my mitts are around 12 years old, these are probably the nearest mitts I hope this helps Regards Martin Simms Guide Windbloc 1/2 Mitt
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    Gloves for fishing

    As I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, I do feel the cold, though not prepared to stop fishing, I have had a pair of Simms guide half mitts for many years, they are still perfect. Even on the coldest days I will trot the swim all day, without these mitts I would certainly suffer and perhaps give...
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    Used one for around 15 years, purchased mine in Oregon. Its been excellent even Special Forces use them, in my book there is nothing better.
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    Big day in the Frances household

    Great result Dan, hopefully many more to come