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Recent content by Martin James

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    Boil in the bag meals for me every time, followed by an apple, same at tea time if I am having a very late session, fresh brewed tea every couple of hours.
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    Gloves for fishing

    Colin my mitts are around 12 years old, these are probably the nearest mitts I hope this helps Regards Martin Simms Guide Windbloc 1/2 Mitt
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    Gloves for fishing

    As I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, I do feel the cold, though not prepared to stop fishing, I have had a pair of Simms guide half mitts for many years, they are still perfect. Even on the coldest days I will trot the swim all day, without these mitts I would certainly suffer and perhaps give...
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    Used one for around 15 years, purchased mine in Oregon. Its been excellent even Special Forces use them, in my book there is nothing better.
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    Big day in the Frances household

    Great result Dan, hopefully many more to come
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    Needed warm waterproof boots

    Yes HAIX boots worth every penny, also the soles don't hold the mud
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    Close Season Retained

    its certainly great news, I feel all the money I spent with my solicitor to fight this campaign on my behalf, has paid off, I didn’t just deal with the EA as I didn’t feel happy in trusting them. I went to the Government departments Michael Gove MP Secretary of State for Environment who would...
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    Anyone else getting excited?!!!!

    A pair of sugar tongs
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    Allcocks Aerial C815

    you could build up the spool with some strips of cork if its still available which I have done
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    Work parties

    I am 81 live 300 miles from one of my club venues, where its not easy to get to a work party, so when I do visit the fishery I take a roll of chicken wire, all the tools for the job, so I can make the stiles safe. Everyone can do something on work party days, when I was confined to a wheelchair...
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    Anybody stopped fishing?

    Great read Bob with a lot of commonsence, it should be in the weelky mags, though I doubt if many will take notice.
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    HDAA closing Wye from this Monday 23rd

    Ross AC have also closed their fishery, a sensible move.
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    Dick Walker - The Legend

    Centenarian Dick Walker On Oak Apple day, May 29 1918 Mrs Elsie Walker gave birth to a son, his name was Richard Stuart Walker, affectionately known as Dick. Today Oak Apple Day 29th May 2018 Dick would have been a centenarian, without doubt the most charismatic angler born. Why not take out ten...
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    Night Floats

    George I have found a torch light to be ideal if laying on or stet pegging, used this idea since the early 1950's, it was also an idea of Dick Walker. Still good today.
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    Gary Knowles' Monster Bream

    Well done Gary a great result by a great angler and well deserved