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  1. Mark Swaby

    New Rod builds.

    Just seen this serious bling for a Barbel rod
  2. Mark Swaby

    Free fishing, how to find it..

    When it comes to unknowns as you say a land registry search and Raparian owner is the only way we know to get correct information. We will be having to go through it with our club to check on our opposite banks on a couple of our fisheries and its not cheap. I can understand why you are looking...
  3. Mark Swaby

    Hooks for meat. Big or small? Pattern?

    During the day or on pressured fisheries use small pieces with small hooks. After dark or in floodwater you can sometimes get away with big baits and big hooks. Hook choice depends on the size of fish and pressure you will have to put on after hooking them. Whatever you use make sure they are...
  4. Mark Swaby

    Tackle that has gone up in value

    Another one that has reached silly prices,the Drennan tench floats, the body down and very thin long peacock stem in a dark blue.
  5. Mark Swaby

    Barbel spawning in River Wye

    That is a very golden male Barbel on the Wye spawning trio. Not as Gold as the Thames ones but bet its a nice looking fish when caught
  6. Mark Swaby

    Tackle that has gone up in value

    The original Abu 507 go for good prices. The Fox green Kevlar Barbel rod still does well for a second hand rod.Most centrepins do well compared with what was paid for them. Books reached a height but now seem to have fallen away in price over the last few years,with most recent (15 years)...
  7. Mark Swaby

    Tackle that has gone up in value

    Three of use bought Swallow pins the ones like kingpins at the end of a barbel society show some years ago from Hans Juhkental who took over the tooling from Dave Swallow ( I think). We did a deal because it was the end of the day. My Reel was set up for float fishing only for someone who did...
  8. Mark Swaby

    Wanted - Pete Reading barbel 'pin

    Beat me to it Clive ,I read the post and knew Dean was selling
  9. Mark Swaby

    Barbel Weight gain.

    There was a Kennet fish I caught that went from 13lb 12oz in June to 19lb 2oz in October. I have heard of Barbel putting on stupid amounts of weight very quickly too. A lean 9lb 12oz Bristol Avon fish put on almost 3lb in three weeks after a heavy baiting campaign(not mine). With your Trent...
  10. Mark Swaby

    Worms for bait

    I Riverfly test and a 3 minute bottom kick of the river bed usually turns up worms in the bucket along with the usual Invertebrates. They are always small red worms, I have never had a lobworm in the bucket. I have found Lobworms to be a very good natural bait in the winter when its cold and...
  11. Mark Swaby

    Fish you have seen that have blown you away but never caught

    There was also a barbel that had Triangular pecs that used to live up by the chain back in the early 80's. I remember looking down and spotting it amongst a number of others, so distinct. Never saw a monster up there, but was fishing up trammels one day with a mate and probably saw the monster...
  12. Mark Swaby

    What is it about old brown bottle Rod Hutchinson boilie flavours

    The Mullberry Florantine sold for £350 plus postage and on doing an advanced search others have sold around £250 in the past, absolute madness. Get out there and search your bait sheds.
  13. Mark Swaby

    What is it about old brown bottle Rod Hutchinson boilie flavours

    Just seen a very old brown100ml bottle of Rod Hutchinson Mullberry Florentine on Ebay with 2 hours to go its up to £350 with 18 bids from a number of bidders. They are also selling another bottle of Majic that is at £67. Is this madness and maybe some of you have some in a cupboard that will...
  14. Mark Swaby

    Fish you have seen that have blown you away but never caught

    One thing I have noticed is that the Bristol Avon features quite a few times. Being shallow in a lot of areas it made fish spotting very easy, such a special little river with some serious fish.
  15. Mark Swaby

    catching tench

    Cliff, Plastic maggots tend to avoid roach and Tench take them well. I use an inline feeder, dead maggot, hemp and as little groundbait as possible, short hooklength and two plastic maggot super glued butt to butt in a vee, on the hair. But they do learn quickly and plastic corn can be a change...