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    Free Spirit Gold 12' 1.75 tc barbel rods

    Hi Kevin, welcome to the group,Adam has far too many rods anyway 🤣 never met him personally but my brother lives near him and is my go between, bought some lovely gear off him and he is a top man in my eyes 👍
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    Prolonged heat

    I know we all hate the use of keepnets for barbel, but they all seemed fighting fit on release, by eastern Europeans as well😉 dont forget most matches on the middle severn and wye will use keepnets, and i bet their not released as nicely as that🤔,did anyone see the picture in the AT of the fella...
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    Thames head dries

    You cant keep flooding this country with people and not expect the water to be abstracted to help them survive ☹
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    Thames water

    Absolute pig swilling scum!!
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    Nufish skylight brolly

    Thanks gavin,don't think I will bother then👍
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    Nufish skylight brolly

    Yeah I have one with my fox specialist, their brilliant, i have a spare one to use with whatever brolly i buy
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    2 rod river barbel set up

    Adam!! Thought you had whittled down your rods to 10 🤣
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    Nufish skylight brolly

    Considering purchasing one of these, any of you gents got one and be able to give any feedback please
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    Number of rods and reels

    Very, very rough,🤣
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    Number of rods and reels

    You little liar🤣🤣
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    Number of rods and reels

    She wont,c'mon fess up man lol
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    Number of rods and reels

    Not sure how many,but i have 2 lovely rods and 2 lovely reels😉
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    If you....

    1 1.75 + 1 2lb
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    If you....

    I power twin tip