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Recent content by Mark Nicholls

  1. Mark Nicholls

    Worth A Watch

    Really enjoyed it Nick. Not so much Des 🤦‍♂️
  2. Mark Nicholls

    Precision Angling Poncho

    I'll have the salopettes if they're still available Rob
  3. Mark Nicholls

    Photos of river scenes

    River Wye, Beast from the East 🥶
  4. Mark Nicholls

    Fishing officially permitted

    I maybe should have joined the Angling Trust before, but have just done so following their commendable work on this 👌
  5. Mark Nicholls

    Happy Christmas from BFW

    Thanks and happy christmas to you and your family Andy. Great to see that BFW is still going strong. Also happy christmas to Paul, Bob, Hatter and all who post here. 😁🎅
  6. Mark Nicholls

    Luncheon Meat

    This might be worth a go if you're fishing over the festive period -
  7. Mark Nicholls

    Baitrunner Question

    Thanks Dave - still have a few of the originals, some cut down to smaller weights. Can't believe the prices they go for - perhaps I should sell them ;)
  8. Mark Nicholls

    Baitrunner Question

    :) Still use them for tench / carp 😎
  9. Mark Nicholls

    Rod Bag

    I'll have that please Dave. If you could send pm to let me know how you'd like paying.
  10. Mark Nicholls

    Base mixes, liquid flavours and additives.

    Please don't ever throw out those Salips/Halips Bob - I'd bite your hand off for them.
  11. Mark Nicholls


    Lovely story Mark and a couple of cracking roach - well done. Certainly whetted my appetite. I remember that Graham - fishing with Keith weren't you ?
  12. Mark Nicholls

    Some advice needed please...

    If you are buying groundbait (or pellets) in bulk I've found Blakes to be very good https://www.blakesbaits.co.uk/product-category/blakes-baits/groundbaits/blakes-groundbaits/ And currently free delivery on orders over £40
  13. Mark Nicholls

    BFW Rods

    Love my ipower - great rod - highly recommended
  14. Mark Nicholls

    Club Memberships...how many?

    Only two for me, might become three if we ever get some rain and the little stream that's the Mole becomes a river again :(