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  1. Lawrence Breakspear

    Hooks for meat. Big or small? Pattern?

    In my opinion Drennan Continental boilie hooks sizes 2, 4, 6 and sometimes 8 will cover all your needs....whether hair rig or in and turn
  2. Lawrence Breakspear

    Mass bankside tree removal by farmers?

    From information I have gained gained from insiders of the EA and Angling Trust, tree removal is more to do with the solids in raw sewage, bankside trees can be a problem with the solids that the raw sewage can contain these days such as Condoms, tampons, sanitary towels, panty and nappy...
  3. Lawrence Breakspear

    Shrewburry town fishery

    downstream of the Armoury pub/ Welsh bridge is Quarry Park, this stretch does the odd very big fish, with back up barbel being 8's or 9's....I have heard on the grape vine a couple of big 12's came off with a few doubles last year, though its essentially a match dace and roach stretch, there are...
  4. Lawrence Breakspear

    So what has changed?

    A superb , heart felt epitaph for a barbel fishers life summarized in a few words, so what has changed Paul? Everything has changed that's what. I see the same problems on midlands rivers, emphasized by the lack of or significantly reduced numbers of barbel, my rivers haven't got a signal...
  5. Lawrence Breakspear

    Jim Uftons new PB 18lb10oz

    Utterly superb....
  6. Lawrence Breakspear

    Record Barbel

    I agree, i suppose ultimate accuracy is also affected by atmosphere, air temperature and testing methodology ....but what happened to the humble dram..i remember the old gudgeon record being 4oz 4 dram...
  7. Lawrence Breakspear

    Record Barbel

    Actually Richard the way they test scales, or the way the did, was to test at various weights, both low and high measures, so in essence a set of scales could be bang on, or maybe plus or minus one ounce up to a certain weight and then be 3 ounces out above that. My old Avons showed at 16lb 3oz...
  8. Lawrence Breakspear

    Record Barbel

    When I witnessed Howard Maddocks Severn record all them years ago, despite having 4 or 5 reputable witnesses (?) my Avons (which I still have) had to be sent to Birmingham weights and measures dept. and they came back bang on, on all weights tested....high, low, pounds, ounces etc. You must...
  9. Lawrence Breakspear

    Record Barbel

    Looking at the amount of leaf on the trees, this is no recent capture....🤫
  10. Lawrence Breakspear

    Mobile/lightweight brolly

    Korum fibre glass brolly.....perfect!
  11. Lawrence Breakspear

    Heads up guys. Bit of a bargain.

    superb reels an absolute bargain and a saving of £100 on the new price....I have a pair and they really are the best fixed spools I have ever owned, and I have had a few I can tell you.
  12. Lawrence Breakspear

    Specimen barbel size

    Trouble is the Severn rivers trust, Angling Trust and the EA to a lesser degree dont give a monkeys about the barbel on the Teme, its not only the barbel that have gone on this once wonderful river, big pike, chub, bream, wild carp and roach....all gone.
  13. Lawrence Breakspear

    Specimen barbel size

    Yes Terry with every question answered another two remain unanswered, I am no scientist, just an old barbel angler thats interested in these things. I think climates change environments, Katie Guttman Roberts did a very good PhD study on the Teme regarding the declining barbel numbers of the...
  14. Lawrence Breakspear

    Specimen barbel size

    I don't think so Terry, though the EA dont tell us, the angler everything they do or know, this is why i would like to see some form of study done whilst its at its peak, because the stocking of Calverton fingerling barbel and the whole creation process of aquacultured barbel in being...
  15. Lawrence Breakspear

    Specimen barbel size

    I think the phenomenon of large barbel, has reasons that are varied, I think the development in aquacultured barbel is one of the main reasons, I spoke to a well known freshwater biologist only last year and discussed this very thing and he stated that not enough is understood of nature of bred...