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    Record Barbel

    😂 No Richard
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    Record Barbel

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    Record Barbel

    I know for a fact that the Severn record has been well and truly beaten, however the angler involved didn't want their patch involved in the circus that is "record mania"....the angler has caught the fish twice over 3 years...both times above the current record....and yet they barely see...
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    New Fishing Suit

    Trakker do a good thermal suit Andy, I have the older one but I believe the multi core suit is very warm
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    You can use the larger cans of gas Gerry. I got gifted one off a military friend. Great for a quick boil. I take it out on my boat too. If you look around there is a cheaper make....I think its highlander but don't quote me.
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    Type of rig you use?

    Depends on the river/conditions....but generally a large bore run ring for the weight, down to a tulip or chod bead covering the quick change swivel. The hooklink will always be 12lb soft ghost and the length will vary from 2ft to 8ft. Hook will depend on bait used....meat will have a size 2 DCB...
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    I use a rigger Barrow I got cheap off ebay. With the legs down it's an easy walk, and a good platform for your gear.
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    How do you like your meat?

    Size wise I prefer to cut it into larger pieces and then I have the option to reduce the size as I wish when I fish.
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    How do you like your meat?

    I've just done a big batch with garlic oil and hot curry paste....a 1.81kg tins worth. I find that heating the meat drawers in the flavour deeper than freezing. Though due to the amount done it will mostly end up in the freezer to absorb more.
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    How do you like your meat?

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    How do you like your meat?

    With the current river/weather state I thought I'd enquire about meat flavours. Are you a pure garlic powder man? Perhaps at wurst a curry nut? Or a birra both? How do you do yours?
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    Accommodation and fishing on the Trent

    They could try for accommodation at Holmepierre point water centre....there is fishing there too. As well as day tickets fairly local such as fiskerton, I think gunthorpe do day tickets too.
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    Tips for photographing fish.

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    I think you may have been misled about six fingers, he tried golf but it wasn't for him......he returned to angling to seek out a true English burbot........he is still seeking. In the meantime he is now one of the west countries top Tilley hat salesmen.
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    Feeders for the Wye

    I must know Egyptian then Derek...😂😂