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Recent content by Jon Elliott

  1. J

    Angling camaraderie

    tell him Freelining's the going method.
  2. J

    Flood Rod

    Chimera snag and flood rod is a great tool.
  3. J

    Tackle box rods

    It went between the two sections when lifting a fish, of course some of that could have been down to me over extending it, but i had a mark on their that i'd used to ensure that didn't happen.
  4. J

    Tackle box rods

    Richard / Neil / Joe - yes that's the one. I had a Drennan one and it bust. I had the Gardner one, the screw fitting fell off the top. This has in a year been fine and dandy, its light and strong and long enough for the worst swim I fish on the Mole where you have a long drop off the rod tip.
  5. J

    Tackle box rods

    The telescopic landing net handle in the same range is so good, i bought two. Everyone bangs on about their favorite being the Drennan specialist, or some people prefer the Gardner equivalent, but the tackle box one is better....
  6. J

    Shelf life of pellets

    if it looks like a pellet, and smells like a pellet, its probably a pellet; and fish love a pellet. Got loads in air tight storage bin i got off ebay - pre-baiting starts on saturday ;-)
  7. J

    DNA Secret 7 Boilies

    They're all good baits... I would try and worry less about it. Baitworks pride themselves on a better quality product, as they cut out the middle man and only sell direct to the public. So start with them and go from there. A little pre-baiting would be sensible i'd think, where allowed and...
  8. J

    Wanted. Chris Holley rod

    Most rod builders will build you a 1.75tc torrix to a light weight spec. I got Mark Tunley to build me one, shorter handle than others, single leg rings, white top foot, etc. Lovely rod for summer.
  9. J

    Polarized glasses

    Got some prescriptions ones from spec savers, seem perfectly good for a blind man.... have some fortis ones that go over the top of glasses too - they seem no better than the prescription pair. Maui Jim are pretty pricey arent they....?
  10. J

    Tackle that has gone up in value

    Could that be because of the forces of casting big weights long distances? An under arm swing of a barbel rod, you wouldn't think an issue.
  11. J

    Tackle that has gone up in value

    I will never sell them. i paid about £180 each for them, Original retail in '93 was £205. I then spent £95 each on rebuild with a cork handle and barbel ringing pattern. They're the best meat rolling rod i've used, much better than Torrix 11ft 1.75, which a lot of people consider the best of...
  12. J

    Tackle that has gone up in value

    I bought a pair of Daiwa AKN116 rods about 10 years ago - if i hadn't had them rebuilt, they would have made money. Fabulous rod to play fish on...
  13. J

    Items you have purchased to use while fishing without paying carp tax

    Molle rucksacks. got a couple of them. Much better than probably all the fishing industry (maybe with exception of cotswold Aq). As well as being better made and looking more fishy than a lot of stuff out there, they're also a lot more comfortable to wear. If they're good enough for the...
  14. J

    DNA Secret 7 Boilies

    Come on Rich, tell us all.... or at least text me ;-)
  15. J

    Big bream rods, not for long casts - Barbel rods?

    Free Spirit Barbel Seekers maybe... tend to branded as 1.75tc stepped up, but the title is miss-leading.