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Recent content by Jon Elliott

  1. J

    HEADLAMPS the ultimate !

    I've got a Fenix HL60R, rechargable - great bit of kit.
  2. J

    Shimano Thunnus Ci 4

    Had a pair of these for 18 months or so, great reels, and if you get the EU model, as Ben said, you get a normal handle, whatever normal is...
  3. J

    Ads ruining the BFW experience.

    PICNIC ;-)
  4. J

    Free Spirit Hi S Barbel Rods, 12ft 2lb, Full Cork Handle

    I have a pair, terrific rods. I wouldn't say they have any more or less application coverage than the older Barbel seeker 1.75 SU rod, which is also excellent, if a tad heavier in the hand. Free Spirit's use of SU is a bit awry i think. The 'big river rods' are the real stepped up rods...
  5. J

    Wychwood Landing Net Handle

    The tackle box now produce a couple of their own handles, excellent in my opinion.
  6. J

    more powerful rod

    I've got one of the harrison flood and snag rods, 11ft 6in. Brilliant rod. When there's a few feet on its brilliant.
  7. J

    River Mole?

    Hi Paul, Dorking or Carlshalton would be a sensible start, both have got a reasonable head of fish, though perhaps not as many as decade ago.
  8. J

    14lb 12oz Wye Barbel

    Cracking fish, solid beard too.
  9. J

    Baitrunner OC 8000 any reviews

    I use the thunnus 4000, can’t fault them...
  10. J

    Looking to make a massive baitdropper for close in on flooded Severn

    Have a word with Dave Chambers - you'll find him on facebook, he can sell you just the thing...
  11. J

    Rolling Rod

    If you can find one, and can get it rebuilt, a Daiwa AKN116 is a fine alternative to the Torrix.
  12. J

    The Angling Trust.

    For £2:50 a month its a no brainer.
  13. J

    Epsom Surrey

    I'd look at a byfleet ticket, tick lots of boxes and night fishing available too. Dorking and Leatherhead tickets don't give that option.
  14. J

    Berkeley Big Game supplier

    Thanks for this - just got a couple of spools...
  15. J

    Which brand of terminal tackle?

    MCF lead clips.... Drennan or Gardner hooks. Shimano line at the moment. Taska float stop like beads, brilliant things