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  1. John Newman

    Chub Rod Advice

    I bought the 12ft, 1.25 Drennan Twin Tip Duo and it is a nice rod but other than being a foot longer than my old John Wilson (model AQ1102) I don't feel it is that much better.
  2. John Newman

    Ridiculous postage

    At ridiculous prices! I'm all for supporting my local tackle shop but some items just seem to have crazy mark ups (aka carp tax).
  3. John Newman

    Ridiculous postage

    pva products.....look at their ebay listings here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/m.html?item=223912206894&hash=item342235222e%3Ag%3A8roAAOSwez5Z05ps&_ssn=fishing20k&_sop=1 I have picked up 5m for as little as 14p! and longer lengths for just a few ponds. check listings "Ending Soonest". They...
  4. John Newman

    River trent barbel rods

    Fishing the Trent.............is a bit of a broad statement. Have you narrowed down the area you intend to fish? I have a membership of a club on the Trent with a variety of waters and some can be fished close in swinging the bait out under overhanging willows using a centrepin reel. The...
  5. John Newman

    Extra carabiners for your rucksack

    Just seen these on the LIDL website. Could be useful for attaching extra items to your rucksack. https://www.lidl.co.uk/en/p/diy/parkside-carabiner-clip-or-shackle-hook-set/p29566
  6. John Newman

    Are you a Backwinder or a Drag-artist?

    Clutch all the time. Modern reels have decent clutch mechanisms, so why not use it? Backwinding looks very awkward to me.
  7. John Newman

    Thoughts on rod selection.

    I think I have said it before on here but I am convinced Free Spirit would sell more rods if they had more dealers but maybe they are restricted by supply. I have a pair of the "Spirit Barbel" 2.25lb TC which are my go to big water/floodwater rods. I carry my rods made up either banded...
  8. John Newman

    Chub rod advice

    I recently bought the new Drennan Twin Tip Duo in 12ft 1.25TC and to be honest cannot say it is any better than my old John Wilson Avon Quiver rods. There are plenty of the JW rods about most probably because they are reckoned to be the best selling rod ever sold in this country. They went...
  9. John Newman

    Specialist Compact 30L Rucksack

    Attaching the chair with a bungee cord looks good but as a back pain sufferer I might struggle. I will see if it works with my Korum Roving Sack.
  10. John Newman

    Rod choice .

    I would think you only need 2.75's if you are going to be chucking out some serious feeders/leads a distance. I have the Free Spirit "Spirit Barbel" 2.25's and find them adequate for my needs including the non tidal Trent. My belief is Free Spirit would sell more rods to barbel anglers if...
  11. John Newman

    Arlesey Bombs online

    Plenty of sellers on ebay and they usually offer a variety of finishes. Mostly aimed a the carpists so tend to be more variety in over 2oz. here is an example seller...
  12. John Newman

    Muckboot arctic sport

    If you are after a pair of Muckboot Arctic Sports then email Matt Marlow at matt@heritagesaddlery.co.uk he has a few remaining pairs if size 11 and 12's at a good price.
  13. John Newman

    HEADLAMPS the ultimate !

    I have now bought this one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RECHARGEABLE-Energizer-Vision-ULTRA-Focus-Headlight-400lm-bright-HEADTORCH/293049516945?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 It is very bright and has more colour/brightness options than the battery powered 300 lumen...
  14. John Newman

    Muckboot arctic sport

    My Arctic Sports are now on their third winter and I have not had cold feet in the time I have had them. I bought my normal shoe size and the place where I bought them recommended just wearing a pair of high wool content socks. The grip on the soles is not fantastic but better than most...
  15. John Newman

    Hooks again.

    I'm in the barbless camp for barbel and another vote for the Gardner Target Specimen hooks. I don't fish for carp so can't comment other than it seems to me the disfigured lips appear on carp in heavily stocked commercial waters where the frequency of being caught must be extremely high...