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Recent content by Ian Murfin

  1. Ian Murfin

    Reel hunt

    Any feedback on your Emcasts Richard? I am in the same boat as you. Finding the DL4000's a bit small on my barbel rods.
  2. Ian Murfin

    Braid hook link

    I need to get more braid hook link and just wondered if any one had any recommendations? I'm looking for something uncoated. I've been using Gardner which has been OK but just wondering if there are better options out there.
  3. Ian Murfin

    Barbel on centrepin what LB line

    Do you braid users also go with braid hook links?
  4. Ian Murfin

    All excited about the 16th?

    Right, that's the traditional opening day blank out the way, now i can start the season properly and hopefully catch a fish or two.
  5. Ian Murfin

    Lockdown watching

    Bowler and Yates at it again
  6. Ian Murfin

    Lockdown watching

    Just finished watching this one. Terry does make a great film. Looking forward to the next one, out Monday I think. We could do with some barbel films of this quality.
  7. Ian Murfin

    Lockdown watching

    A fish for all seasons part 2. It's already on a different thread but posting here to keep them all together.
  8. Ian Murfin

    A fish for all seasons part 2

    Beat me to it!!
  9. Ian Murfin

    Lockdown watching

    Martin Bowler's A fish for all seasons disc 1 is available on YouTube for the next few days. Disc 2 available from Wednesday.
  10. Ian Murfin

    Holding a fish

    We always suspected it but it's finally been confirmed.... https://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/relationships/holding-up-a-fish-is-sexiest-thing-ever-confirm-women-20181111179290
  11. Ian Murfin

    Securing a brolly with guy ropes

    I have one of these spikes which is a big help with setting up, fairly lightweight too. Spike
  12. Ian Murfin

    Burton on Trent Fishing and Accommodation

    There's a free stretch near Burton at Newton Solney might be worth a look if your near Burton and time is limited
  13. Ian Murfin

    Upper Trent Info

    It could well just be me but I've been really struggling to catch anything on the upper for the last couple of years. Even the chub have dried up for me recently.
  14. Ian Murfin

    Weather apps

    I like metcheck, it gives temp, wind speed and mm of rain
  15. Ian Murfin

    Goretex jacket options

    I'm extremely pleased with my Paramo. 5 years heavy use dog walking every day and no drop in performance. It doesn't russle like other waterproofs and a bit warmer too.