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  1. Graham Tremble

    Avon scales calibration

    Yes, that's the thing about these old Avon scales, they are so robust. I had mine calibrated when they were about 15 years old and they were still accurate. That is after all sorts of abuse and only minimal maintenance. Regards, G.T.
  2. Graham Tremble

    Close season plans

    When all this started I could not see a problem with simply fishing an isolated spot on my own. But I was wrong, simply touching a gate can apparently leave the virus for others and I would not be aware that my undetected contamination could kill someone else. Some good posts on here by some...
  3. Graham Tremble

    Sad times just makes us think

    It sounds like your daughter had a good teacher Derek, Regards, G.T.
  4. Graham Tremble

    Sad times just makes us think

    You will forgive me if I highlight that most of the country have disagreed with your political persuasion. The alternative was unthinkable. Keep Safe, G.T.
  5. Graham Tremble

    Close season plans

    Hi Steve, I get your sentiments entirely ( but not your language ). I have been going fishing for over 60 years and have not required the emergency services yet. It's all about common sense isn't it. Frankly driving to a quiet spot for a few hours fishing is not a threat to anybody in my...
  6. Graham Tremble

    Close season plans

  7. Graham Tremble

    Sad times just makes us think

    Some pertinent points there Gerry but I honestly believe that the majority of people in this country have always valued people in the 'caring' environment. It is the few who continue to try to ruin things for the many. Steve, I'm not sure this is the right site for political point scoring...
  8. Graham Tremble

    River Records updated

    Yep, that's a biggie! Well done mate Regards, G.T.
  9. Graham Tremble

    Close season plans

    Pardon my ignorance, but how can sitting by a pond/lake or canal be a threat to anybody if you are on your own as I normally would be ? Regards, G.T.
  10. Graham Tremble

    Fish you have seen that have blown you away but never caught

    Whilst enjoying a post work afternoon on the river Teme one summers day around 2003 I reeled my Barbel rod in and decided to take a relaxing walk along the river to enjoy the late afternoon sunshine. The sun was still quite high so it was possible to see virtually every pebble on the bottom of...
  11. Graham Tremble

    River trent barbel rods

    I don't need the brollys Terry. Wherever I turn up the fish just disappear. It's just like Magic. It's the way I tell 'em! Regards, G.T.
  12. Graham Tremble

    Feeling the strain....Barrows

    Firstly, a sensible decision to recognise you now need 'assistance '. I started using a trolley 15 years ago when I realised my back was sore even before I started fishing. This has allowed me to continue enjoying my hobby in the intervening years ( struggling a bit now, mind). My trolley has...
  13. Graham Tremble

    Are you a Backwinder or a Drag-artist?

    Depends how much I am panicking at the time. I have been known to attempt to back-wind , adjust my clutch and swear all at the same time.... Tight Lines, G.T.
  14. Graham Tremble

    Merry Xmas to all BFWers

    Have a very merry Christmas to one and all! Special thanks to the regular posters who keep this forum 'alive' ATB, G.T.
  15. Graham Tremble

    Record Barbel

    I'm with Sue on this one Mark. Back in the early 90's when double figure Barbel were on the front page of the angling press I caught an 11 plus from the 'lower' ( Severn) . I did not return to the river again that season. I could not tear myself away from the river Teme. Smaller fish but a...