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Recent content by David Holder

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    Daiwa 20 GS BR LT 5000C

    arrived today, not a true 5000 in size, more a 4000, but should be fine for my smallish river. lighter, less bulky than my 4000D, seems to balance my 1.75 torrix nicely. time will tell.
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    Daiwa 20 GS BR LT 5000C

    How do we think they compare against the 400D?
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    Chris Yates - Reading the water - BBC Sounds

    Classic Yates. Great stuff.
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    48" Banksticks update

    Chris Brown will also make storm poles/banksticks to your requirements. bullet proof.
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    Another Rod Question!

    Century are British designed and built. I use a 12ft 2.75 FBS for flood conditions and its perfect. I also use an Armalite for more benign conditions.
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    Shortening a rod

    My two penneth - every rod will be different but I had an 11ft 1.75lb Armalite that I found a little too soft. I went back to the builder (Bob Morris) who after a discussion on the likely outcome removed 6inches from the tip and 6 inches from the bottom end of the handle to maintain the spigot...
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    Sold - Fox adjusta level chair

    Sold pending. Thanks Eddie.
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    Sold - Fox adjusta level chair

    I would say so. Can send pics.
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    Sold - Fox adjusta level chair

    Good condition,a few cosmetic signs of wear, super lightweight Collection or meet within reason. £20. Redhill (Surrey)
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    NGT Dynamic Baitrunner. Thoughts?

    Just FYI - but I've used the tackle box in Dartford quite a few times for servicing and fixes. They have been great in terms of price, communication and work done.
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    Shimano Aero Ci4 4000

    Well I eventually found a Theory SP 4000 reel (which took some doing) and it arrived yesterday. It is substantial in terms of solidness (and weight!) but it looks like it will fit the bill nicely. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    Shimano Aero Ci4 4000

    thanks Gerry, I appreciate the comments.