centrepin reel database

discontinued, retained for reference only


This 'database' is intended as a guide and quick reference to parameters of c'pin reels, initially conceived to include new c'pins and those which are most commonly used for barbel fishing, but inevitably it may well be expanded for any c'pin reel

Data may be submitted by anyone (including non-BFW members)

If you have a reel not yet included in the database and you want to submit data please click here  

Due to what was effectively a "lack of interest" this database has been discontinued

Please note that parameters are quoted in the most useful units (in our opinion) hence inches for (approx) dimensions and grammes for weight, both of these more readily measured in a non-engineering environment (home/garage) and are to be considered reasonably accurate.

Note also that names of parts of a reel (eg. spool where there clearly is not a spool as such) are as defined in the "Centrepins and using them, especially for Barbel Fishing" article BFW style or author's style

sub-groups used are :
spoked (aerial style)
solid, or perforated (non-aerial style)

database originally created by paul4 and rob (rkeywood)

with additional data input from daz (cornovii)
chris plumb, and 'a couple of guests'

edited 8.10.2012 by paul (paul4barbus) whiteing