centrepin reel database - submit data



If you have a reel not yet included in the database and you want to submit data, please email paul4barbus and include the phrase "submit to database" in the subject of the email

As long as 'your' reel is not already in the process of being added by someone else a simple template will be forwarded to you - this template is available in either MSExcel fomat or text format, please say which you prefer

Please note that the use of the template is an attempt to semi-automate the process so please do not submit data in any other form


If you are able (and certainly photography is not a strong suit of mine - paul4) between one and four good quality images (jpeg) to be supplied if possible per reel. These could be front view, rear view, side view, or angled views - whatever shows the reel best. If you cannot supply images there's likely someone who will be able to.

Although there are many good images of c'pin reels readily found on the web, it has been decided that all images submitted shall be original - this is in order not to have any copyright issues. Images used in the BFW Centrepin Database are the property of the owner i.e. photographer, and are not to be copied , used or linked from this site without prior permission from the owner.

BFW accepts no responsibility for images submitted by a third party without the owner's permission. Please note that by submitting a photo, you automatically grant Barbel Fishing World permission to use the image on other areas of BFW and any of our future publications.


thank you for participating

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edited on 12.5.06
by paul (paul4barbus) whiteing