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Hello All, first post for a couple of years. I have heard 1 or 2 reports of Zander on the Middle Thames, does anyone know if these are becoming more common ?

In most situations i'm sure the standard block would be fine; one of the problems i have with the river severn is that sometimes the banks are steep and lethal and with the net extended it can sometimes be a bit tricky elevating the fish up the bank without putting some pressure on the spreader. This is how my previous one broke. :eek: I think my plan will be to try to replace the mesh on my gardner pan (which has a metal spreader), with a suitable replacement, probably the DL one, if that doesnt work, i will look at the fox or abu net.

cheers mate


Looks like Drennan are no longer supplying the specialist double semi barbed hooks. These are my favorite Zed and Pike hooks. Just bought the last 3 packs of size 6 in premier angling. :mad:

If you see any, let me know. I'll have to scour the net i suppose.:(
I've caught better fish this season, and this fell 6 important ounces shy, but on the Trent today this felt like a pools win

A Pb at 9lbs 10oz and my only bite of the day :)
Zander aren't playing ball at all right now so nothing to report :(

I did however get to meet the Phantom fish tagger

I did a session Saturday when he appeared and came for a chat. Obviously I didn't know of his secret pastime,

It was a short while later that I landed a small Pike at which he came running over - fist full of cable ties :eek::eek:

He weren't too pleased with my reaction to his suggestion. :D:D:D
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Had a look down my bit of the Lower Severn this afternoon, and got talking to the angler (Dave Palmer) who had the huge 21.2 lb Zander back in the summer.
Actually this capture escaped me, and I was truly impressed with the quality of this fish, just 1 plus off the record....and it's on my doorstep :eek:

Just goes to show what this vast River actually can produce.
I think Dave had three doubles yesterday Neil... ;)

He and his mate were on the Stella :)

The reports I get from this area about Zander catches seem incredible, one Polish lad had 18 in a afternoon :eek: and this albeit doubtful 21lber seems to support the system has a healthy number of Z's However I don't fish for them (yet) :rolleyes: and you guy's know about such things, but could be Zander are the new Barbel?
Z. F. W.

These Zeds are proving to be hard work this season, but I finally got something reasonable for my efforts :)

She refused to stick the dorsal up for a photo though, no matter what I tried :(
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I'm refusing to give up just yet !

A few more weeks left stillwater Zedding I think

They are starting to change colour now (Hormones?) . Blue iridescence has gone from the fins, which are now white with red roots. Body colour has some 'blackness' to it. They are still stunning lookers though.
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