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Xtracta barbel

Discussion in 'Barbel Talk' started by Ben Jennings, May 2, 2012.

  1. Ben Jennings

    Ben Jennings Senior Member

    I saw an advert for this saying as they do how good it is etc.... I've heard from a few people that they really rate it, and as my time on the bank is limited I want something I can just grab a bag of and head out to the bank. Have any of you got any views on this bait?
  2. Darryl Davis

    Darryl Davis Senior Member

    Probably a good bet but plenty of similiar ready-made baits - nice that the range of support baits is extensive.
    Buy it, use it with confidence in the right places in the right way and you will catch!
  3. Mark Hooper

    Mark Hooper Senior Member

    Well late season I bought a bag n block of paste only because in my rush n excitement to get on the river I left my John bakers on the side in the kitchen!!!
    Smells good has a fishmeal with a back tone of frankfurter sausage.
    One of them baits you open up n think yep this will catch fish???
    The chub loved it can't say for barbel as I didn't but worth a spin if you wanna grab n go
  4. Ben Jennings

    Ben Jennings Senior Member

    That's good I like the fact you get matching paste, pellets etc. will pick some up when
    the new season comes along.
  5. Keith Humphreys

    Keith Humphreys Senior Member

    Same as Mark I bought some at the back end and thought it smelled awesome! Caught Chub up to 6.14 but had loads of bites (almost certainly Chub) on it. I reckon only a matter of time before a Barbel grabs hold;)
    Last edited: May 5, 2012
  6. Ben Whitehouse

    Ben Whitehouse Senior Member

    Had reasonable success on them on the Severn last part of the season

    Do smell nice but the Severn fish love boilies but planning to give them a go on some different venues in the new season.