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Xmas Quiz

David Chant

Senior Member
You can change the quiver tips without breaking down the rod. Many years ago I remember seeing the tops of some tips with a top ring you could open, like the clasps one gets on ladies necklaces. I am not sure why one or the other didn't catch on but if I have the wrong tip on I normally just persevere. In fact, if I do have other tips with me they are normally a good walk away in the car :)

Gary Cream

Senior Member
They used to use them on swing tips as well as said its too change with out breaking line down.........................something I haven't seen for a long time
Swing tips were always a pain to cast with but once out used to give good indication.....................we always used to use a bit of bread squeezed on 6" above the rod tips not on the rivers though on the lakes for tench.
I had forgot all about that.

Bob Gill

Staff member
Think that the claims are related to the quiver tips being used with the detachable adapter that makes a quiver/butt indicator.
Set comprises of three 'tips' and butt attachment. Sold as 'Premier Tipmaster X-treme Sidewinder Quivertip' at around £12 per set.
So more of an intended butt indicator using the 'quiver' as the arm. As the quiver has only one ring (the pigtail located at the tip end) and a screw in adapter (which I presume is 8 BA thread) it could also be used as a screw in quiver tip and also be detachable without rethreading the line.
Sorry for the Gillbydegook explanation but hope makes some sort of sense :)