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Winter socks

I know this has been covered over and over but...

The advice from some quarters is to have a second pair of socks and put these on when you've got to where you're fishing. My question is: would it be better to wear a pair of non-wicking socks whilst getting to a swim? My thinking is that the lining of let's say muckboots that dissipates the moisture doesn't get damp and any perspiration is held in the sock. This should result in a drier boot when putting fresh socks on. Anyone any observations or alternative suggestions?
yes anthony, in winter it pays to have a towel, spare socks,trousers and spare boots in your car boot mate, one day you,ll be glad you used this tip mate:)
John, I've already fallen into rivers on three occasions and had to jump in after a rod on a fourth! As such, I usually have the necessary spares as a back-up ;)
Gavin, I have one....from my canoeing days (shhhhhhh!) However I feel it will be more of an instant slimming suit if I ever try to put it on. On a different note, it would be handy as Santa has delivered my sportscam early and I'll be getting underwater footage of all those swims and snags which may hold the big girls. ;)

Steve Holt

Senior Member
I have some Sealskin socks but not sure about them as they keep the moisture in as well as out..
Steve, they shouldn't keep any moisture in as they have a breathable Goretex layer between an outer and inner sock. I have a pair which keep my feet dry but the moisture was then trapped in the Hot Foot boots I was wearing and in freezing temperatures this made for very cold feet. I've just bought some Grubs Snowline boots and wore them for the first time today with a pair of Heat Holder socks: very comfortable and warm and more importantly, dry (thanks to the wicking properties of the boot liner).
Hi Anthony that is probably what was happening with mine.. The socks are a well made piece of kit but when worn with my Muck boots made my feet cold.
Try Bama Sokkets - but you might need a bigger boot. You wear them over an ordinary pair of thick socks. Sometimes you can wring sweat out of the outer layer but the inner layer is still dry and warm
Continuing the thread..

After a three mile yomp in my new Grubs they were decidedly damp and took a lot of drying out. Perhaps I sweat more than most but had it been a freezing day, this would have certainly chilled my feet to the bone.

They are a snug fit to the calf which is fine, but thermal quilted bottoms and a waterproof layer have to be worn over the top. Despite the latter being of Goretex construction, I suspect the moisture gets trapped inside the boot or lower leg because of this. The lining certainly wicks the perspiration but not quickly enough to make it dissipate.

So, I think I've answered my own question now: I need a pair of socks that will soak up the sweat which will then be changed once I'm ensconced in my swim. I'm beginning to think that these boots are a little like the emperor's new clothes....:rolleyes:
I always take 2 pairs of socks even in the summer. If your feet feel damp and they will in a pair of wellies simply change your socks round. Remember though one at a time as it could get funny if you get a bite. Put the damp pair next to your body to dry out. Going back a few years when i was a diver in the RN the amount of sweat produced fromyour body with little effort was incredible, to the extent that some lads thought they had holes in their dry suits. I have dived in minus 0.5c sea water in the arctic circle during winter, and its the sweat that starts the cooling process, just keep on top of it thats all.
I splashed out on some merino wool thermals from M&S this winter and they have proved to be absolutely fabulous, as warm if not warmer than my Chub vantage base layer and a lot less bulky. Next on the list a pair of merino socks, around £12 a pair like the ones in the above link but I'm sure they'll be worth it.