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What Every Barbel Fisher Must Have ?

Mike Window

Senior Member & Supporter
Just acquired this little gem. Never seen one before.
The obvious question is why would you need one? The next is how does it work as if the line is supposed to go through the coil at the end of the spring loaded arm surely the line will get tangled when one strikes?
Were these common place at any time ? As previously stated I have never heard of them.

Clive Kenyon

Senior Member
Looking at the pigtail line retainer I can't see it being anything but rod mounted. So does it offer anything better than a rest mounted bobbin or quiver tip? Not for me. I have a rod mounted bite indicator that I use for small water fishing for shy bites. That is more useful than a bobbin. But, for barbel's more robust bites I would rather use a bobbin or quiver tip.

I'm out :)

Bite Indicator.jpg

Tim Marks

Senior Member & Supporter
Never seen one, and I grew up near Bishops Stortford.

If the unit is clipped to the rod then the line can go into the clip and stay there until the next cast…..presumably a fish pulls on the line/clip and the yellow peg moves to the right indicating a bite.

Ive used butt mounted indicators (converted swing tips) many times for shallow water rudd fishing - a similar principle but better and extremely effective.

If that doesn’t work…..You could use it as a weight ?

Mike Thompson

Senior Member & Supporter
You can still buy the Polaris tackle sidewinder, which is a quiver tip that fits between the first and second ring on the rod. Never tried it on a river, but works great on still waters when it is very windy.