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Well and Truly Hooked

Discussion in 'Other Species Fishing' started by Terry Theobald, May 16, 2010.

  1. Well, after three to four years and many endless hours of writing, editing, throwing away, writing, editing and worrying I have finally got to the point where my attempt at penning an angling book has been published.

    It takes you on a journey through my angling life, from the Norfolk Broads to Frampton Court and on to the river Kennet as well as many other wonderful rivers and lakes.

    I can't quite believe I have actually done it and when I saw the book and held it for the first time it was a wonderful surreal moment and worth every second of the time it took to put together.

    If anyone would like to purchase the book you can get it from www.calmproductions.com

    If you do buy it I thank you very much and hope you get some enjoyment from reading it.

    all the best

  2. Jon Frisby

    Jon Frisby Senior Member

    what an achievement Terry, well done and i hope its a best seller.
  3. Tim Walden

    Tim Walden Senior Member

    Nice one Theo!

    Looking forward to reading it, it'l remind me what fish look like!


  4. Nigel Gray

    Nigel Gray Senior Member

    Does it include that night in the Railway when you and Dave G became the new CAC Committee? :D
  5. Hello Nigel I hope things are good with you?
    funnily enough that episode does get a mention along with the rest of the chaps, especially young dougie ha ha!
  6. Luke Ayling

    Luke Ayling Senior Member

    great stuff theo,i look forward to reading it,maybe see you on the kennet one day and you could sign my copy..

  7. It would be a pleasure luke although I haven't been on the kennet for a while owing to work in northern areas. Been working in Tring this week though and managed a couple of tench out of startops which I am over the moon about.

    I hope you like the book and thanks for buying it.
  8. Luke Ayling

    Luke Ayling Senior Member

    anytime you fancy a day on the kennet,just let me know...more than welcome to come as a guest..

  9. Graham Elliott

    Graham Elliott Senior Member

    I'll definately be getting this book.
    I remember reading some articles on the Wye from Theo. Very enjoyable.

    Looking forward to it.

  10. Nigel Gray

    Nigel Gray Senior Member

    Just finished reading it Theo, great read, thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Also cheers for the kind words. :)

    p.s. One question, so what's wrong with my maggots then? :D
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2010
  11. sorry Nige, I promise to buy half a pint off you the next time I am down ha ha!
    I have had some wonderful messages complementing me on my writing attempt and I haven't had one negative remark yet which is a relief.
    thanks for buying a copy and making it all worthwhile

  12. Graham Stephens

    Graham Stephens Senior Member

    Its a proper read all the way from eel bashing right up until joining top syndicates etc , the biblins is a cracking photo and an awsome water as you know , my favourite parts is the fact you always seemed pi$$ed lol , i would of been if i had a dragon of an ex mrs lol , cracking read , love it.
  13. cheers graham I am glad you enjoyed reading it, its comments like yours that made it all worthwhile writing.

    catch a few on the Wye mate!