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Wanted travel rod suitable for float.

Joe Winstanley

Senior Member
I’ve been looking for one for my Mrs, and came to the conclusion that the best option is probably the JW Young Travel Trotter (11-13ft, 5 piece) so I’ll be keeping an eye out for one in the sales.

I’ve used a Greys GTEC travel float (11ft 4pc) for 6-7 years and can’t fault it. I did think I’d struggle with it being only 11ft, but as it used mainly for waggler fishing it’s been fine, very well built and a lovely crisp action, would recommend it if you can find one on Ebay.

Another good option might be the Shaky EXP travel match rods 13ft 4pc. Have read good reviews and can be had for nearly half the price of the JW Young.

Graham Elliott

Senior Member
Spanish roach in deep inside line.
I will be taking a feeder rod as well and know the JW rovex is ok for that.

Didn't know they did a travel trotter.
Thnks Joe

Dave Bartell

Senior Member
I don't know how big those Spanish redfins get to but if you get one come up on e bay the Korum Neoteric or korum Precision 13ft four piece power float rods are very nice. Not too harsh but with enough downstairs to get you out of trouble should one of those Spanish Barbel ( within reason ) gate crash the party.

Graham Elliott

Senior Member
Thanks Joe.

Managed to get a Mach 1 for the float work and the JW travel barbel Avon so all set up.

Thats a great price though.