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Dave Merrick

Senior Member
Long shot

Anyone know what the latest situation is with fishing off the shore at the above? Marina/Pier and so on light tackle stuff

Google appears fairly empty of help at least anything recent.


Gavin Hoe-Richardson

Senior Member
Hi Dave, don't know anything about Vilamoura but just a heads up in case you didn't know, you need a licence to fish from the shore. This is a separate licence to the one for the inland waterways.

I know that the Spanish are getting stricter on enforcement so might be best to be safe in Portugal. Last time I had a Portuguese licence it wasn't available online, I had to present myself at a local government office. Five minute job and cheap once you find the right place.

Steven Ballard

Senior Member
Plenty of big mullet in the marina, also big bass, I saw loads of bass close in last August. The only problem is you can’t fish in the marina it’s self, but there’s plenty of spots sound the mouth of the marina.

Dave Merrick

Senior Member
Cheers both, will probably take some bits and try and buy a cheap rod over there

I'll look into the situation re licence

Tony Callaghan

New Member
Hi Dave, yes you definitely need a licence. They're quite cheap and you can buy them for three years, works out cheaper, if you go there every year. People say you can get the licences from the multibanco cash machines but you need to have a Portuguese bank account for that. that means the only other way to get one on the Algarve is in person, with cash and you need your passport. I usually get mine here

DRAPA (the Portuguese equivalent of DEFRA)
At: Avenida 16 de Junho, Olhão
Tel: 289 723 724

Olhão is about 8km east of Faro, it's a fantastic place to go, it's the centre of the Algarve fishing industry, they have a covered market selling fish brought straight in off boats as they come in. You can sit there with a beer and watch all the loads coming in.

However I have heard that you can also get a licence from the DRAPA office in Faro

DRAPA, Edificio Sede, Patacão, Faro, 8005-511 Faro, Portugal

The licence only costs €4 for a month.

Hope that helps.

Paul Collins

Senior Member
Have fished on the Algarve a few times, must be 30 yrs ago now, can't even remember exactly where but here's my two pennyworth.
Fished off a long structure of rocks, could have been a harbour wall. Half a mackerel on the bottom, targeting stingrays as I'd had a few in the Canaries, saw a huge Mullet pick it up, got it in and it dropped off. Taking a cue from some locals I then floatfished Mackerel strip and caught quite a few Garfish.
A friend also went there and was trying to target the huge shoals of mullet, couldn't buy a bite until he tried flyfishing, the successful fly was a size 16 black buzzer.