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using rolling meat

hi i am looking to give the rolling meat a try this year. can someone recommend what test curve rod and length is best and also a suitable reel. also how does one use this method if say the river is not clear it seems like its a hard method to learn. i will be mainly trying it on the ribble. also people who use it do you find you catch more fish on this than on static methods like using feeders thanks.

Terry Banks

Senior Member
Hi Josh

I see from your Dane thread that you are quite new to barbel fishing, don't know how well you know the Ribble? but If you are going to try the rolling method on this river, I'd pick your area carefully as it can be very snaggy with bedrock and boulders.

I fish meat quite a bit in the summer months on here, but most of the time it's under a float. Good luck

Matthew Thomas

Senior Member
Welcome Josh,

The method can be deadly and in my opinion more consistent than more conventional lead or feeder tactics.
Rod wise I use a 10ft hand built rod that I picked up because it is ultra light,having said that I also used Ray Walton’s rod before that can now be picked up for £30 on eBay and that was good too , I also use a four pice spinning rod too that I can keep in the car
Reel wise a good fixed spool with a great clutch will do,true I have a small bait runner now but it matters not as you will be using it open bale arm and letting the line slip through your fingers to feel for a bite.
It takes practice to understand what’s going on under water but when you latch on to your first boy you will be hooked!

Terry Simner

Senior Member
Hi Josh, a lot is down to personal preference I guess, but there will always be a 'trade-off' over some decisions (and cost factors to bear in mind, of course). I personally prefer :
1/. A rod between 11ft and 12ft (I've not tried longer), as 'line mending' is necessary (as in float float) and longer rods do this more easily than shorter rods. But the 'trade-off' is ...generally speaking, the longer the rod, the heavier it feels.
2/. A fast action rather than a through action (some 'rollers' use quiver tip rods). Fast action rods cast light baits better than through action, and (I find) more responsive...and definitely more pleasant to use.
3/. If I'm using mono (that is, if club rules ban braid) then I use a Shimmy Match. They are lighter than baitrunners, and the 'free-spool' facility isn't used..so it's a no-brainer. If I'm using braid I enjoy using a Ray Walton 'Rolling Pin', but they ain't cheap.

Overall I'd say, have a go with a fairly fast actioned light weight rod of 11-12ft, with a light reel on. See if you like/get on with the method.. then decide if you want/need a 'dedicated outfit'.