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Until 15 June

Edward Adcock

Senior Member
What are your plans for the close season? Mine seem to be starting with cleaning and putting away the river gear. Then gardening, diy, finding a decent tench lake where they can be caught on the float, and fishing the canals for perch.

Simon Burt

Senior Member
Similar to the above. I will have a good tidy out of the garage and do the woodwork painting indoors that didn't get done last year. I have an eye on some local lakes that may have some non carp potential but won't be getting started until April at the earliest.

Of course it may be the case that we end up quarantined at home and life become very small for an indefinite period of time. The uncertainty is becoming very worrying.
Tench and rudd will be my main targets, with some carp fishing as well when I just want to chill. The tench fishing is some of my favourite of the year.

But as above, god knows what the next few months have in store for us and I can see it getting in the way of fishing

Graham Elliott

Senior Member
Sorted out the barbel bag already.
Did I really need 4 packs x 50 size 8 swivels?

The monster crab liquid that had leaked added an interesting aroma. ( Jane with daughter in Manchester thank goidness)

Rods soon in for a wipe down and reels washed and oiled once it stops raining.

Perch and trying to find that 10lb tench....

Ben Marr

Senior Member
Fly gear ready to go, so will be out after an early season brownie as soon as conditions are suitable.
I'll give the Tench a go once it warms up a bit.

Paul Collins

Senior Member
High water levels mean spinning is allowed on the Hants Avon, for the near future, for Salmon. With the correct permissions.
It's a wonderful time to be down there with some fantastic fish to be encountered. 35lber last year. Fresh 20lbers not uncommon. Pike can be troublesome.
Will have the stretch more or less to myself until June 16th, when I can start using shrimp / prawn.

Steven Ballard

Senior Member
I’ll be cleaning the kit, and having a good sort out!
maybe a trout trip or 2, then on to the Rudd and tench before a solid barbel campaign this summer.
I’m not overly concerned about this virus business, with regards to fishing, let’s face it, most of the places we fish are pretty rural and I certainly fish well away from other people, as much of possible. So it’ll be one of the safest things to be doing in my eyes!

Richard Isaacs

Senior Member
Reels serviced, lines removed, rods wiped and put in original sleeves.
We shall fit in a few mess about sessions on the odd still water to keep my hand in the game.

Rod Fowler

Senior Member
Tench, crucians, carp and bream for me. Made a start yesterday with my first couple of tench and bream this year. The lakes generally keep me occupied until the winter, but I’ve promised myself a much earlier start on the rivers this year.