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Titanium Bugaboots - by Mark Anderson

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Steve Williams

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Titanium Bugaboots by Mark Anderson

As the season is over, I feel I can now comment on these boots.

Previously, I had completely destroyed a couple of pairs of Prologic boots, after the second pair people in Leslies of Luton would not look me in the eye, nuff said !!!.

Steve from Temesevern sourced these boots through Columbia, they are called Titanium Bugaboots : Omni-tech waterproof / breathable material, with 600 grams Thinsulate ultra lining . Black / grey, with a really nice tread pattern that has a lot of grip, as I found out on the Teme one time, when we forgot the rope !!!


Boots , with authentic Teme mud

As you can see from the photo they are a high boot, and i was not sure of this feature at first, but now I love them . The support for your ankle is great, and you really notice it when roving around, climbing in and out of swims . They are very comfortable, and easy to wear all day, with a nice padded tongue . They never seemed to overheat, as they quote they are breathable, and they were as waterproof as I would expect them to be ( went over my depth landing a fish for Sue once ) . We both wear gaiters all the time, and they have a nice "d" ring to attach them to . They told Steve that if my feet got cold in them, I would more than likely be dead !!!, because bear hunters in Canada wear them, or something like that . Well my feet did not get cold, but not over hot either, and would class them as a year round boot . Going into my second year, so that says something !!!.

Prices are around £85-100 but may be found cheaper, or alternatively give Steve a call at Temesevern .

Worth trying to get the socks they supply as well, fantastic bits of kit, 3 days of roving around Worcestershire, and 2 nights in the car, and the anti-bacterial socks were still smelling sweet !!!, then again they breed us a bit tougher in Luton !.

Mark (hatterbarbel) Anderson
May 2009
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