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Throop Fish-in 2004

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On the weekend of 21st & 22nd August 2004 25 fellow BFW members decended on the Throop Fishery on the Dorset Stour.

Many thanks to the Ringwood & DAA, a great time was had by all.

BFW Group Photo

Allan Marshall, Mick Holtom, John Buss, Glen Collard, Paul Yates, Dave Durrant, Kev Speight, Tony Smith, Mark Walker, John Pleasance, Malcolm Clarke, Kev Whitcombe, Paul Smith, John Smith, Claire Frances, Andy Davies, Darren Smith, Doug Woods, Rayo

Fish caught over the weekend -

Glen Collard - 11lb 2oz Barbel - Beat 2

Mark Walker - 8lb8oz PB Barbel - Beat 2 - photos to follow...

Mark Walker 6lb 9oz Barbel - Beat 2

Chris Netto - 6lb 6oz Barbel - Beat 3

John Smith - Perch - Beat 3

Kev Whitcombe - Bream - Beat 3

Andy Davies - Bream - Beat 3

Allan Marshall - Chub & Bream - Beat 3

Tony Smith - Bream - Beat 3

Andy Frances - 10lb 6oz Pike - Beat 3

The BFW base camp

Andy Davies, Tony Smith, Andy Frances, Kev Whitcombe

11.00am Saturday morning (on the beer)!!

Chris Netto 6lb 6oz Barbel

The only barbel caught on Beat 3 over the weekend ! Well done Chris.

Andy Frances - 10lb 6oz Pike!

Caught on Beat 3 Saturday afternoon

Saturday evening bbq

Saturday evening bbq

Claire Frances & Andy Davies cooking the bbq

Chris Netto, Doug Woods, Malcolm Clarke, Rayo

Mark Walker & Kev Speight

Dave Durrant, Glen Collard, John Buss, Paul Yates, Mark Walker

Still plenty of beer at this stage!

John Pleasance, Darren Smith, John Smith, Dave Middlemore

Allan Marshall, (Tony Smith, Kev Whitcombe, Andy Frances still on the beer!)

Mick Holtom - Cheers!

John Buss

Tony Smith, Andy Frances, Kev Whitcombe & I think thats Andy Davies sat on the bucket. - all still drinking beer!

Tony Smith - 2.30am Sunday morning

Kev Whitcombe - "Another beer anybody?"

Kev Whitcombe - "I'll have one"

Andy Davies - "no thanks!"

Andy Frances - 3.00am Sunday morning!

Andy Frances - 10.00am Sunday morning !!!

Paul Smith & John Smith cooking the breakfast Sunday morning

Steve Stayner arrives....

Darren & Amelia Smith

Thank you to all the BFW members who kindly made a donation to the Urology Ward Patients Fund at the Royal Bournemouth & Christchurch Hospital

£105.23 was raised and donated to the fund over the course of the weekend.​
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