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Tackle box Darent Valley rod

Ash Gould

Senior Member
I've got the Avon/Quiver rod (1.25tc) so not exactly what you are asking but I do not like the action of the rod as there is a massive flat spot.

These rods have a bit of a cult following and I bought one off the back of some good feedback but I found them a bit cheap looking and as I just said the action isnt very nice.

I nearly got a couple of their 10ft carp rods but wont be bothering as I would imagine the build quality is the same across the range.

I've got one of the 0.75 Specialists and a pair of the 1.25 Avon twin tip quiver rods, my only complaint is with the reel fittings, they are cheap screw up ones and because the handle is so slim some of my reels move about slightly even when fully tightened. Other than that I find them terrific value for the money.
Agree with Ash Gould - they look and feel cheap and the action is...weird. I also got one of the 0.75lb 11ft specialists for tench and bream on my local Kings Sedgmoor drain and quickly wished I took my mid-range Shimano feeder instead.

You're better off scouring the 'Bay for used higher spec rods for a similar price.
I bought the 13ft float rod, the attraction being it is two piece so i can carry it made up. I have used it for trotting for silver's and chub for which it performs well. Not sure if it has the power to control a barbel though. At the price you can't beat it.