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swim feeders

Sean Smith

Senior Member
I had some lovely feeders handed to me today and these were great

they do them in lots of different weights up to 8oz and they were coloured with moss effect stuff i had a green one

any one know where these are from as i need some badly for when its running


they might be the type offered at Climax Tackle as Trent feeders. Unfortunately, I couldn't find them on their website.
try fff feeder mate
very promt and reliable service and top products
dont buy copies buy the original
Cage feeders

Thats news to me regarding an order placed and not recieved, I pride myself on being reliable and this is the first complaint i have heard about it! I have looked back through my records and cannot find the said order, I have had trouble in the past as someone on here set another website up trading as www.cagefeeders.co.uk that site didnt last long, the person involved with that site was a customer of mine and obviously thought he could make a go of it. I could go into various problems i have had with certain people being loyal to other manufacturers of cage feeders, abusive emails / phone calls, quite sad really but nevermind. I have the peace of mind that my business is tax registered so i dont have to worry about the inland revenue knocking at my door.

Speaking personally, all I can say is the service I've received from you over the last couple of years has been first class. That view has been endorsed by my mates, who I've put onto your feeders.
My order for the forthcoming season will be winging it's way over to you:)

The Cage feeders I have received from Andy are great, really well made. Have had good service from him every time I have ordered. Just received my last lot 2 days ago, thanks andy.

I can only echo the sentiments of previous posters. Andy's service if first class and he's a gent. Excellent feeders that are built to last. If they can stand up to the rigors of the Trent and Wye, then you know they are good.
Another endorsement - Andy's customer service is first rate in my experience.

I'm due another order, though got lucky on the Wye last week. Only lost three. A new PB.
Hello everyone, after a long rest from making feeders due to work and family commitments i'm now making them, I have listed some on Ebay to start as my website cagefeeders.com has disappeared
search for cagefeeders or my Ebay username Vinylandy