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Sticky baits ellipse pellets

Barry Peck

Senior Member
Yes .. I get mine from gooutdoors online . They still have the 9mm version in stock and are cheap if you have a gooutdoors discount card 🎣


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Stephen Scaysbrook

Senior Member
I use two super glued together. I actually chose the Sticky ones over the sonu bait ones I thought how simular they were to the Hinders ones.. My local shop had both sonu & Sticky at the time. I just use the sticky now.

Bob Watson

Senior Member
My recent captures have been on these in 12mm, three drilled on the hair with a few in a pva bag with 4mm source pellets nicked on the hook.

Thanks to the OP for bringing them to our attention.

John Care

Senior Member
I carry some as a change bait. I quite like them actually, glued on the same way as the old originals.

Paul Richardson

Senior Member & Supporter
I’ve used them as previously described - glued
Have them mixed in with hinders barbel blitz and no discernible difference in hook ups between the 2 - both solid reliable baits

Paul Richardson

Senior Member & Supporter
I have some ones I glugged in something a year ago and they absolutely ooze oil - so much that you cannot glue them and now too soft for hair rigging to be honest but you can mount them on the hook , which I discovered by accident earlier this season but worked a treat for chub & barbel on the day.