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Starting out

Hi guys

As you can see im from Sittingbourne in Kent I have just started getting in to barbel fishing. I have been sea match fishing and carp fishing for around 25/30 years.

But lately the draw to the rivers is really pulling me in!:D

I have travelled distances for fishing so this isnt a problem. I am just trying to find out some rivers and areas to start fishing be it free day ticket or membership I dont mind any of these I have my rod licence all sorted.

Any help or even if anyone wants some company for the day its all appreciated thanks for your time.

Mike Hodgkiss

Senior Member
Arron . I would go on to the river threads pick a river you would like to fish then make your request on there . Welcome to BFW :)

Graham Elliott

Senior Member

Why not start on the Medway? Probably nearest river and not too difficult.
Royal Tunbridge Wells club Maybe?


Mark Swaby

Senior Member
Arron, i do not know how experienced you are but Barbel fishing in the winter can be really difficult.Pick your days and look for warm wet weather coming in from the west,and get out there.Any rising temp can be good,When the rivers are clear use small baits like maggots or casters, lobworms can really work in clear conditions,plus you can get bonus fish. If its coloured use smelly baits like meat or wapped boilies,good luck