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Source boilies for sea trout !

Out last night on Ribble very slow but my mate landed a seatrout of 2-3lb on a source boilie. Properly lip hooked.
Probably the one of the most outrageous fishing feats you can imagine.
This year just gets more and more wierd....seriously thought I had dreamt it this morning.

Peter Littleworth

Senior Member
I caught a 5lb fish from the Avon a few years ago on a big chunk of spam, quite a shock, must be weird trout season, caught a 5lb brownie yesterday from the lower Thames ,again on a big chunk of spam, where it came from is anyone,s guess but livened up a quiet day!

Stephen Cotton

Active Member
I had a 4.08 pb brownie off the Dove last year on meat fishing a slack in high water & I have caught plenty on bread over the years.😁
I reckon fly fishing was developed to make trout fishing more of a challenge!