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Sooo what did Santa bring you?

Rob Weldon

Senior Member
New 1.75 TC Barbel rod Built by Chas Burns of York.This is the 5th rod plus numerous repairs and alterations that Chas has carried out for me,I have never been disappointed,the quality of his workmanship is stunning.

Mark Anderson

Super Moderator
Staff member
Hi men,

Howard , the rod with pin on the wall was perchased from B Arbrey who has a large collection , rated as a barbel rod and in imaculate condition . The virtical one is a pressy from a good friend for my grandson Eddie on his birth . In his opinion it a real find , and although its not marked as its been re varnished , he thinks its a rare one ;) , and will never be sold .

I hate to say this , but pictures / rods aint strait because .............. the football we were launching around clattered into them :eek: , still , we can always use them for growing runner beans up :D


Derek Funcks

Senior Member
Wish Me Luck, 3.00a.m. just about to take on the chili challenge, 20 birds eye chicken dippers in the oven, 3 bottles emptied into ramakins, one mild, one hot, and one called melt your hoop ring. was my night off, so a litre bottle of JD to soften the blow.

Ramakins 1 and 2, passed, but with issues, mainly ramakin 2.

Ramakin 3, lets just say, i may be missing for a day or 6,
Feels like 10 million mosquitoes, attacking a 1 inch area, with flame throwers, full of iching poder

Paul Richardson

Senior Member
Might nick your idea on them rod support Paul. I had man cave done last year fully alarm etc.
No problem Dean - they are 300mm long - 3" x 2" rough sawn timber, cut at 5 degree angle, put back to pack and then 2 holes about 2" dia drilled with a hole saw at ( I think ) 3" and 8" centres. Then mounted onto 3" x 2" battens at about 8" spacing to accommodate reels.
If you want I get get all the accurate dimensions and kit used and do some rough instructions. It wasn't that complicated but his idea not mine to be honest but didn't take too long either once we got going.
Now need to organize everything - only resolution this year - be more mobile - grab what I need for the session and leave about 10kgs of unnecessary kit that I currently haul around at home. Watch this space.

Paul Richardson

Senior Member
Used Christmas funds to buy LED bulbs, tubes and some fittings for house and 'Man Cave' I built a few years back.

View attachment 6782
Looks a bit messy then but tidied up now.
Wow wow wow
That’s not a cave that’s an operating theatre
I have the utmost respect for you handy men
I am keen but shamefully useless when it comes to any DIY but not too arrogant to learn and Enjoyed being a gofer for my future son in law for a few days. He made it look effortless
It was a biohazard before and I worked out that the messier I left it the more it freaked out his OCD to the point that he decided he had to build me a proper shed or go insane
I Did the same with LED lights and glad I did as guess they’ll pay for themselves in a few years and much better for my useless myopic vision when doing fiddly stuff