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Some tips on classified ads

Discussion in 'Fishing related classified' started by Paul Whiteing, Jan 13, 2018.

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  1. Paul Whiteing

    Paul Whiteing Administrator

    Some tips specific to posts in the classified forums :

    • editing posts, and updating
    • inserting images (pictures) into your post

    1. Editing posts (in this forum only) :

    Posts in the classified forums are now editable by members without time limit (this will be for a trial period), so you can amend the description or price as required

    If you are selling a list of items, and after a while some are sold and others not, it's a good idea to cross out (tecchy term is strikethrough) items no longer available

    item 1
    item 2
    item 3
    item 4
    item 5
    item 6

    to achieve this click "edit" and insert strikethrough tags

    [ s ] before the item (but without the spaces), and [ /s ] after the item (but without the spaces)

    So it would look like this

     [s]shimano reel blah blah £50[/s]
    and would end up like

    shimano reel blah blah £50

    2. Inserting images (pictures)

    It looks better to insert pictures as thumbnails, you would get a group of images at the foot of your post and these are readily opened and browsed by anyone interested.

    "Borrowing some images previously posted by Clive Shipman (without his permission but for the greater good using admin perks - thanks Clive :))", a group of thumbnails might look like this

    test_image01.jpg test_image02.jpg test_image03.jpg
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Thread Status:
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