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snagged again ?

I dont often fish downstream for some reason but at the weekend in two new swims chose to.
Got snagged 4 or 5 times on the notorious Wye each time let a large loop of line out and struck into it ,thus pulling the feeder downstream a little and every time it came free.
Nothing new here and doesnt always work but worth a quick try or two.
Check line above feeder upon return though.
Might help save a few curses.

Rhys Perry

Senior Member
Inline feeders snag less I've found, if you can find any suitable. If it's not too heavy a flow moulding your bait round a method feeder works, or I use inline fox paste leads which rarely snag up.
I find the lightest possible feeder/lead you can get away with as when you lift the rod it comes off the bottom more vertically than with a heavier one.

ps I have lost my fair share of feeders to go with this on the Wye.

Letting a long bow of line out to pull from downstream can be improved significantly by attaching a floating object on the line to increase the pull, eg. a piece of timber found bankside attached with string and a split ring/snap swivel.
Using a light lead/feeder will indeed aid rising on retrieval, however they are far more prone to shifting on the bottom and getting snagged in the first place. Firmly anchored every time for me on snaggy bottoms and with a weak link to the lead. An overhand knot in a nylon link will reduce the B.S. by about 60%.