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Sad news - Len Arbery

Joe Winstanley

Senior Member
Sad news. He was a very well known and well respected angler.

I was reading 'In Pursuit of Big Tench' only the other day, written over 25-years ago but still laden with relevant pearls of wisdom.

Mark Nicholls

Senior Member
Sad news indeed.
Also enjoyed 'Big Tench' and 'Redmire' that he did with Kevin Clifford is a great read.
Always came across as a decent bloke.
Another one of our respected anglers gone.
Condolences to his family and friends.

Gerry Giles

Senior Member
very sad news I became friends with him in the 70s
when I went round his house in Southall when I found out he had made a modification to the Mitchel 300 reels he made them a roller bail arm !!!
something Mitchell copied when they bought out the 410 model at the time he was the man Jack hilton and others used to call on to take the photos of their Redmire captures and all around his walls were these amazing black and white pictures I had a Zenit E camera and he gave me lots of tips as he had mastered that camera one of the nicest men I had the privileged of knowing I often think of the early days and have great memories that bring a smile to my face RIP Len your memories will live on

Martin James

Senior Member
Rest in Peace Len, I’m still using the Mitchell 300’s you fitted with roller bale arms back in 1968. You were always very popular with my radio listeners whenever you were being interviewed. I will certainly miss you. Martin James MBE