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Rod storage

Paul Richardson

Senior Member
That's it in a nutshell. I have big river barbel, snag/flood barbel, small river barbel, a few chub versions, perch /float and then my pike rods - free roving, paternoster( fixed & running) , deadbait( river & reservoir). drifter set-ups, various lure and drop-shot rods etc..It soon racks up.
Not so much now, but when I did a lot of pike fishing it, the sessions were always short & sweet so I had to be able to grab a made-up rod and leg it to the venue. Back then I didn't even take trebles off the rigs and used to store them in converted 35mm film canisters. So old habits die hard I think.
A lot of rods are old & sentimental and worth nothing but I can't part with them as I might have had my first 20 on them etc..
And I have given away my fair share of rods to youngsters / new starters over the years
Well 3 grown up ladies but I do really have a 4th in my first granddaughter and at the moment she's holding the side up with Prams, car seats, clothes, toys, etc
But she's worth it, it's the other hyenas who would have me potless. Don't you just love 'em.

Lee White

Senior Member
Wouldnt change anything no grankids yet thank god all still at home 2 still at school like wise with tackle i have my first carp rods first float rod i picked for my 13 birthday now 40 count less other ill use that again (no chance) i might just need it dont drink gave up smoking 5 yrs ago but my only vice is tackle and lots of it

Jon Elliott

Senior Member
My daughters fella did this but relatively simple for a joiner/ handyman
No mice problems and I do have the little sods in there
Keeps everything safe and easily accessible View attachment 10469
Paul this is superb. For anyone with a less handy son in law, or less room, or no son in law (as their daughter is only 10), i bought a rod holder on ebay from a tackle shop that was shutting. Holds them upright and does the job quite nicely.