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Roberts Windy Rod Rest Andy Thatcher

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Steve Williams

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Roberts Windy Rod Rest Andy Thatcher

Rod rest head that is designed to hold the rod securely not unsurprisingly in windy conditions. Aimed at the pike angler market.


In Use
I have been using this product for 5 years.

Works well in windy conditions but these properties gives this product some advantages for the barbel angler.

Due to the extended ears, for want of a better word, the rod cannot be ripped off the rest as can happen on other types when a barbel heads for the nearest snag.

Smooth design realises the simple dream of the line not catching on the strike. .

Sensitivity of touch legering is unhindered by contact with the rest due to the gap beneath the area the rod is held.

Great product.

I like that I can still touch leger effectively using it and that you can�t get tangled. The tangling issue was a particular pain with other rests!



BFW Rating

8 out of 10

Five years of trouble free use.

Andy Thatcher

September 2001
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