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River Swale

One of the wife's relatives has just bought a new house and I am doing my best to avoid the customary viewing( well it is about 70 miles away).
However, on checking on a map, it is only about 4 miles from Helperby and Fawdington on the Swale. I did fish these venues some 30 years ago but cannot remember much. Are they worth visiting, available on a day ticket etc.?
Any help would be much appreciated
Thanks John

John Newman

Senior Member
Not sure if the link above referred to the videos posted by a guy called Tom (my work computer blocks Youtube) but if not go to Youtube and search for charlyfarly2

I think he has posted around 270 videos the majority of which are barbel fishing in Yorkshire on the Swale.

Should get plenty if information from those.
If you have the time have a trawl through Charly Farly's videos on u tube there are some very good guides to most of the day ticket venues on the river Swale, giving precise directions , where to buy your ticket , likely looking swims etc , they will save you a lot of leg work