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River monsters

Discussion in 'Barbel Talk' started by Brian Willson, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. Brian Willson

    Brian Willson Senior Member

    We moan about the predators in our waters, we moan about the weather, we moan about conditions, but after watching Jeremy Wade fishing on the Congo, and almost being stoned to death because the chiefs brother went missing, and facing that weather and conditions in the worst canoe possible, why do we moan ?
  2. Jeff Edisbury

    Jeff Edisbury Senior Member

    Speak for yourself Brian. I , up to now at least, have NEVER been known to moan EVER about anything including the near perfect weather that this beautiful country produces week after week. Apart from that, the marvelous catches that continue to grace my over burdened landing net on a daily/weekly basis would not EVER give me good reason to whinge in any way shape or form.
    Kind regards,

  3. Brian Willson

    Brian Willson Senior Member

    Hi Jeff,
    is that why you went home early leaving me stranded in the Royalty Inn.
  4. Jeff Edisbury

    Jeff Edisbury Senior Member


    My aching arms!

    @twas just like Billingsgate.............................AGAIN.

    One can only take so much.

  5. Brian Willson

    Brian Willson Senior Member

    Ask Nigel, he will tell you that i never moan, well ok just a bit.
  6. Jeff Edisbury

    Jeff Edisbury Senior Member


    I have apologised for stranding you in the Royalty Inn. Jed and Gary aren't that bad?

  7. Mike Webb

    Mike Webb Senior Member

    What's next for Jeremy I wonder?

    Perhaps it will be the mythical and mysterious monster minnows of Monmouthshire. Or, maybe, the terrifying, toe-grabbing tench of Telford (chaotic underwater film of someone's trouser leg and a swirl of blood in the murky water). Arrghh! :eek:

    That man has balls alright. :rolleyes: