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hi all looking to do a bit of barbel fishing on the ribble i am in prince albert. Just after some advice really as we all know the ribble is very snaggy and losing tackle is unavoidable but whats the best way to fish it. i went last year and lost 5 leads in one session. Also when is the best time to fish for barbel, as i am relatively new to river fishing can someone shed some light on the water level reading like at ribchester the current reading is 0.264m, and if anyone could give me some advice when the ribble in general is best to fish like if its at a certain level. any help much appreciated thanks in advance.

Neil Barton 2

Active Member
Hi Both, I also find it quite snaggy and is a grave yard for terminal tackle, one day you can fish a swim a not lose any tackle the next time it’s the total opposite. I suppose as a rule of thumb the best time to fish for Barbel is when there is extra water and colour, but to be honest I have been a member of the same club for a number of years now and never really got to grips with the Ribble.