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Reuben Heaton. Great Service

Gerry Giles

Senior Member
I have a set of Limited Millennium Edition dial scales and loaned them to a mate for his french trip sadly with 4 of them crammed in a motor my scales took a battering and the case front was badly scratched and cracked
he of course paid for the repair when I phoned Reubens explaining I needed a new case they said dont worry a service we replace anything that needs it so £28 and they came back like a brand new set and of course the accuracy is all spot on and a record given of the weights both before the service and after
I would recommend anyone with an old set of scales instead of replacing get a service

We advise when taking your parcel to any Post Office ensure you obtain a receipt for proof of postage. Also we recommend you use a delivery method that insures you for the value of the scales.
Service costs are as follows –
Standard Angling Scales £28.00
Limited Edition Flag Scales £28.00
Specimen Hunter £28.00
Fishery Match Scales £28.00
7,000 Digital Scales £28.00
Sportmans Balance £28.00
9,000 Digital Scales £20.00
Little Gem £8.00
Gem £8.00
Flyweight £8.00
Microweigh £8.00
Digital Thermometer £10.00

The above prices are valid for scales being serviced and returned to addresses within the UK and Northern Ireland. For scale servicing costs outside the UK and Northern Ireland, please contact our after sales team via info@reubenheaton.com or telephone during office hours +44 (0)1455 29300

Paul Pittman

Senior Member
Big thumbs up from me as well. The screen on my 9000's was barely visible so I sent them off with a cheque for £20 and they sent me a replacement within a few days.

Dave Durrant

Senior Member
What I've always wondered is, do digital scales measure in pounds and ounces or pounds and fractions of a pound?
I.E. Is 2.5lbs - 2lb 8ozs or 2lb 5ozs?