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Proposed Destruction on the Upper Avon

Adam King

Hi all

I returned yesterday from holiday to find the thread below on my Facebook feed. I’m shocked in this day and age that a council is considering destroying an area of natural beauty, so that boaters can chug up and down the river, in their diesel fuelled engines, for an extra few miles from Stratford to Warwick. For anyone who doesn’t know the upper Warwickshire Avon, it is mostly shallow with natural riffles and pools disbursed with areas of slow deep water above the wiers. I implore anyone who has an interest in the Warkshire Avon, or just the environment in general, to send an email to the councillors listed below:

There is a meeting on 11th February so please send your objections, however small they maybe, today.



Mike Hodgkiss

Senior Member
If there are water voles on this stretch I would point this out in any objection , they are a critically endangered species and wash from powered boats will certainly destroy their nesting holes / refuges . As this is a shallow stretch there may be areas where fish spawn , again powered boat activity would damage spawning areas or fish spawn

John Care

Senior Member
Annoyingly, they can already chug between the two towns via the GU and Stratford canals....

Paul Collins

Senior Member
Don't be lulled into a false sense of security.
Be vigilant.
See river Kennet for details.
These boating/ canoeist types are persistent and have mighty financial support.