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PM High Rods Tripod by Paul Thomson

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Steve Williams

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PM High Rods Tripod by Paul Thomson

A tripod is a particularly specialised tool, in that there demand for them is small and as a result there aren�t many of them on the market. More so, there are very few, designed specifically for coarse anglers.

As I fish the Wye, I found that increasingly, I required a way of supporting the rods with the tips high in the air to enable me to fish far bank runs, and to keep the line out of the main flow. I also needed a stable platform that I could use on the rocky banks, which are a complete nightmare to push banksticks into.

Enter the PM Rods High Tripod. I first saw this tripod in Roger Millers Book, The Complete Barbel Angler. I've now found out why he rated it so highly. The tripod consists of two forward legs, which are connected via 3/8" threads to a bracket bolted onto the long rear leg. An extending bankstick, sits in the top of the rear leg, and carries a bar carrying the front rests. A second adjustable bar, slides along the rear leg and holds two cups, to take the rod butts. That might sound complicated, so take a look at the picture, and you'll get the jist of it. Its similar to a three-legged rod pod that points skywards.


I have modified the tripod by replacing the front ban sticks, which I thought could do with being a tad stiffer. By adjusting the length of these banksticks, you can raise or lower the overall height and change the angles of the rods. The butt cups can also be raised, to enable you to push the rods as high as you need them to be. With two twelve foot rods on the tripod, the balance is superb, and the reels can be placed roughly 5 feet off the floor before the tripod becomes unstable. Obviously, fishing with rods in this manner isn�t the everyday scenario, even on a big river, but when you need to keep the tips high to catch barbel, this is the tripod for the job. It will also enable you to have a comfortable, stable set up when fishing from hard banks, and when wading too. It has its uses, overcoming high bankside reeds, to fishing those far banks in big winter floods. It would also be an asset for those of us who carp fish too, as a stable rod pod set-up, although I haven�t used it as such too.

I have found this tripod invaluable, over the last season, using it in a variety of different swims. It hasn�t replaced my bansticks, but there are times when I would tear my hair out without it. I only wish I�d bought one years ago..

The only problems I can find with the tripod are in my opinion, the flimsy banksticks supplied, and its lack of availability.

Cost £32.99, from Leslies of Luton.

BFW score

8 out of 10

Paul Thomson April 2003
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